Monday, January 3, 2011

Homemaker ...

To piggy-back this post (which if you haven't read, it is a MUST read) ... I wanted to pass along another amazing section from her book, My Heart's at Home!

In her "Mom, Site Manager" chapter, Jill Savage also quotes Holly Schurter's words (a mother of eight) on the concept of homemaking.

"Cultivate the skills, not only of housekeeping, but of making a home for your family.  As you know already, they are not always exactly the same.  Housekeeping consists of the laundry, the dishes, the toilets, and floors that need to be scrubbed, but homemaking is something else ...

Homemaking is the deliberate cultivation of beauty and productivity in family relationships.  Homemaking is about helping your family feel loved and comforted.  Homemaking is about celebrating each other, and caring for each other, as well as for your friends and extended families and even the occasional stranger.  Anyone can keep house.  Not everyone bothers to make a home."

Jill goes on to say, "Homemaking happens when we fully understand the value of home in our lives.  Homemaking happens when we intentionally make a home a safe house, a trauma unit, a pep rally, a playground, a school, a church, and more.  Somebody has to have the time and energy to bring those roles alive in a family's life.  Somebody has to make a house a home.  Homemaking is majoring in family relationships!"

Wow, isn't that awesome encouragement!  It really helps to bring the focus back to the making the home, as opposed to just "keeping it!"

Be encouraged by these awesome words!!

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