Sunday, September 8, 2013

What a DINO-MITE 2nd Birthday!

Wow!  What a difference 2 years makes!  I can't imagine life without my sweet son Jackson!  I feel extremely blessed by the gift of a SON!  Who would have ever known the special bond between a mother and her son!  Words can't describe my love for my son!  I know he won't be a mama's boy forever, so I will savor these extra hugs, kisses, and snuggles deep in my heart!

Jackson's Birthday!

Look at that face!  What a chunker!

"Look at me now!"

Being true to her role as big sister, Sophia took it upon herself to pick the theme of her brother's 2nd birthday: DINOSAURS!  She did a great job with the theme!  With some a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and blogs, I came up with lots of fun decorations!!  

Palm Trees and a dinosaur hanging in the tree!

ROAR Jax is 2 banner!

String Dinosaurs!
Our sign welcoming guests!  

Come in at your own risk ... dinosaur sighting
I actually splurged for dino theme plates, napkins, and cups!

Sweetivores!  Dino cupcakes with "dirt and worms"

Jax's cupcake in the middle!

Some of the Dino toe nails were dipped in dark chocolate thanks to the help of Sophia

Who knew there was a dinosaur called a "Fruitaden!" Oh the things you learn!

My version of healthy dinosaur eggs!  

With hummas as a yummy dip!

Ham or Turkey and Swiss sliders! YUM-O!

The Watering Hole - orange and mint water

Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets


Reading "How do Dinosaurs say Good Night" to the kids!

Family Picture!

"Yes, I am pretty good at getting into trouble!  Can you tell?"

Only took us about 20 tries to get a good smile!

Swimming in the family grain bin pool with kids!  

"Oh NO" he said!  

We had such a fun time celebrating Jackson's 2nd birthday with our family!  We look forward to the many years to come with this sweet, fun-loving, silly boy!  Oh how much he adds to our family!  We are blessed!