Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hannah FINALLY has arrived!

As most of you know, my one and only sister Sarah was pregnant!  No longer ... Baby Hannah Elizabeth Jeffers finally has arrived!!  She came into this world Saturday, February 26th around 4am.  She was 7 lbs 10 oz and 20 inches long!!

She is such a sweet girl!

Enjoy the pictures!  Somehow I forgot to have someone take my picture when I was visiting!!

My parents, Debbie and Brad ... AKA Mimi and Papa

Proud Grandpa

Sarah's husband Brandon


Exhausted after a long labor process!

Such a sweet girl!

Sophia has yet to meet Hannah, but I promise pictures at their first meeting!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Where does all the weight go?

Many of my friends are pregnant right now and we always talk about the dreaded "pregnancy weight gain!"  Ok, for some it might not be dreaded ... but for most of us ... that is the part of pregnancy we least enjoy!

Recently, I was reading in one of my fitness and health magazines and came across this amazing breakdown of weight gain in pregnancy!!

I thought I would share it with you b/c it was rather encouraging for me when that time comes again for The Long Family! :)

Where Does The Weight Go?  You probably feel like all the weight you're gaining is excess poundage, but it's not!  This is what's supporting and nurturing your baby!

Breast Tissue: 1-2 lbs
Baby: 6-8 lbs
Uterus: 2 lbs
Placenta: 1.5 lbs
Amniotic Fluid: 2 lbs
Blood Volume: 4 lbs
Stored Fat: 4 lbs
Fluid Retention: 4 lbs 

Isn't that a great breakdown of everything?  Guess that is how they get the average weight gains of 25-30 lbs!

Finally, science behind a number! I LOVE IT!!

So ladies, still continue to eat healthy, raw, nutrient-dense foods, but the occasional splurge is totally worth it!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Big Girl Cup & Daddy's Homemade Banana Smoothie = THIS

Love the smoothie mustache! 

"I'm hot stuff using a big-girl cup!"

YUM YUM YUM!!!  All we heard all night was, "mmmmm, this is tasty, more daddy drink, more daddy drink mama please!"

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Time for High Heels already?

Sophia never has really taken a liking to my clothes or shoes ... UNTIL NOW! :)  

Last night she got out my highest heels (ok, they may only be 1/2 inch but they are high to me who loves her granny shoes!) .... 

What things of yours do your children love to play with the most??

Monday, February 14, 2011

Mighty Mud Butt Pocket Diaper REVIEW AND GIVEAWAY

I am so honored to be the first to review and tell you about Mud Butt Diaper's "MIGHTY MUD BUTT!"  This is a diaper that is made especially for heavy wetters, bigger babies, and toddlers who have yet to potty learn!  It has many new and improved features from the Original Mud Butt!!   If you have a larger child or a super heavy wetter ... this might be the diaper for you!!!

I first found out about Mud Butt Cloth Diapers through a Facebook contest.  I actually won a $10 GC to Carrie's store.  I ordered my first Mud Butt (as seen below in the green.).  I picked out the colors and snaps!  I like to call it a "Fruity Fun" diaper!  I love the fact that Carrie makes all of her diapers by hand and puts so much TLC in each one!  I like the diaper, but with Sophia being a heavy wetter and off the growth charts, it just seemed a little bit too small for her frame!  Little did I know Carrie already had a genius idea for the Mighty Mud Butt in mind!  Perfect timing!!

Comparing the two: Mighty (in Purple) & Original (in Green)

Here are the new features in The Mighty Mud Butt:

- A wider front panel as well as TWO extra rows of waist snaps on both ends of the front panel to eliminate the need for the thigh savers snaps for most kiddos (worked for us!)  Although, Carrie does include a package of 4 thigh-saver snaps.  (If you scroll down to the picture below with the white side showing, you can see the green Mud Butt has the thigh saver snaps in place.)

- The diaper is bigger overall, so it is specifically meant for larger babies and toddlers.  (Weight range discussed below).  

You can see how much bigger the Mighty Mud Butt is compared to the Original!
  Just a few inches really make a difference!

- Super Stuffable: This feature allows moms of heavy wetters to stuff in multiple inserts!  Before we started our Potty Learning, Sophia had to have at least 3 inserts in her diaper during the day.  I could barely fit 2 microfiber inserts in the Original Mud Butt.  I can fit 4 inserts (although it is snug) in The Mighty Mud Butt!  (Yipee!)  Three inserts fit in pretty easy!  

- The Original Mud Butt would never have worked for a night time diaper (for us), but the Might Mud Butt, stuffed with 3-4 inserts, works for us at night!  For those of you with a variety of dipes in your stash, you know your go-to diapers for night vs. those that are day-use only!

Notice how much wider the center is to allow for more "intense" stuffing! Ha!
Notice the thigh savers (white snaps on the floor and the green dipe)

- Extra row of rise snaps, once again allows for a wider weight range.

- On the smallest rise setting, it would probably fit about a 15lb baby, depending on their build of course.  Sophia is 32 lbs and isn't on the last rise and Carrie's son is almost 40 lbs and he too isn't on the last rise!  There is a large weight range, which is quite nice when you are putting on this diaper on multiple kiddos, but remember, it certainly isn't a OS that would include the tiny little ones!  The Original Mud Butt is sized for about 7 lbs-35 lbs.

Extra Info: 

* They will be available in most colors and prints, depending on Carrie's stock, which is always listed in the drop down menu in parenthesis.  Most of the time she is fully stocked.  

* The price will be $1.50 more as they take up more fabric and supplies!  Although, it is worth it when you don't have to change and wash sheets due to major leakage!! 

* They come in either pocket or AI2 just like the original, however they won't have the bamboo insert option!  Carrie makes a wider insert The Mighty Mud Butt, which is all microfiber (plus a layer of suedecloth if it is an AI2).  

My Review:  I feel The Mighty Mud Butt is a great addition to my diaper stash which is comprised of about 95% pocket diapers! (Can you tell which style is my fav? HA!)  I love all of the fun PUL colors she has available and especially her new prints!  I really love that you can customize each diaper you order, color and snaps!  Not too many diaper companies will give you this much freedom!

Carrie's customer service is incredible!  I have really enjoyed getting to know her through email as we have been working together over the past few months!  She is an incredible person!  I am honored to have 2 diapers made by her sweet hands! :)   I know my LO is wearing a diaper with tons of LOVE and TLC!

The new and improved features which make me the happiest (compared to the Original Mud Butt) include:
- Extra waist snaps on both sides of the longer front panel
- Wider mid-section so that it is "super stuffable" - a MUST for this mama!!

All of Carrie's diapers come with one insert, but you always have the option to add an additional insert to your cart.  The insert for The Mighty Mud Butt is much wider than the one for the Original Mud Butt.

The Original Mud Butt is OK for us at naptime (still working on potty-learning at nap and night), but The Mighty Mud Butt is great for us at night!

* Remember this dipe is specifically for larger kids and later potty learners or kids who need overnight help who may be potty learned during the day!

Are you in a pickle?  Need a diaper for your heavy wetter or toddler that is currently potty-learning?  The Mighty Mud Butt might just be what you need to fill that void in your fluffy stash!!

BUY IT: HERE (Prints) or (Solids

WIN IT: In lieu of Valentines Day, Carrie has offered up a RED MIGHTY MUD BUTT DIAPER to 1 very lucky Go Long Go Green follower!!

Links you will find helpful for the giveaway:
Go Green Go Long on Facebook
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Mud Butt on Facebook
Hyena Cart for Mud Butt Diapers

Come on guys ... step it up and check out Carrie's Hyena Cart!!

My adorable Mighty Mud Butt!
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Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not monetarily compensated for this review.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

NMEDA is a non-profit trade association that helps educate consumers on buying products from a certified NMEDA dealer. What products are those? Mobility options for people who have a disability. NMEDA does not sell anything, rather it is the only association that promotes safe driving and equipment for disabled people.   NMEDA dealers (members) are the ones who sell handicap vans and vehicle modifications for disabled people. 

It is always important to remember that no two people with disability are exactly the same.  You must beware of adapted wheelchair vehicles sold over the Internet or through catalogs.  After a personalized "in-person" evaluation, you can be sure you are getting the right driving solution customized to your specific lifestyle and needs.  If you need additional training or product refinements, your NMEDA dealer is there to help you!


The NMEDA has Dealers but they also have a Quality Assurance Program. The Quality Assurance Program or QAP holds those dealers to a higher documented standard.  They are required to have all of these things

  • Maintain Product and Completed Operations and Garage Keepers insurance for liability purposes.
  • Have certified welders if they perform structural modifications to vehicles.
  • Have technicians certified for the equipment they sell, install and service.
  • Maintain records of all adaptive work.
  • Undergo an inspection/audit process at least annually by an independent auditing firm to ensure compliance to the NMEDA Guidelines, certain aspects of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and “Make Inoperative” mandates.
  • Abide by the Mediation Committee’s decisions when a complaint is lodged by a consumer, a Dealer, or any other person or entity.
  • Provide 24 hour service to their customers.
  • Meet shop facility and equipment requirements.
  • Have four-corner scales.

That gives a consumer serious peace of mind when purchasing a mobility vehicle. The NMEDA can help caregivers save their backs and they can give back independence to the elderly or  disabled by letting them have options for getting back on the road.   


For all my local readers, there is a NMEDA dealer 7 minutes from Avon!  Also, there is near Greenwood too!  If you are looking for a dealer, check out this link!  How close is the closest dealer to your house?



Visit Sponsor's Site

Monday, February 7, 2011

YoYo Lip Gloss Review and Giveaway

I recently received a package of 4 YOYO mini lip gloss's in the mail!  I was anxious to do this review because my niece LOVES lip gloss and all those fun lip treatments!   I was hoping I could find something unique and NEW for her!

Big Bounce Bubblegum, Cha-Cha Chocolate, Girly Green Apple, Kissable Kiwi

When I received the package, I was impressed by the shipping.  Small recyclable cardboard box with cute pink recyclable paper strips!  I am always impressed with a company that uses eco-friendly shipping materials!

Here is some info about the inventor: 

Angie Parlionas — Meet the Gal Behind the Gloss 
A shiny, lip-smacking, marvelous mouth doesn’t happen overnight. Enter the guru with a
goal to gloss every girls’ kisser, coast to coast: YOYO Lip Gloss founder, creator and producer, Angie Onassis Parlionas.

Raised in a family with deep roots in business and entrepreneurial ventures, this born-and-bred New Yorker honed her own skill set during both her undergraduate and graduate studies at St. Johns University, where, as a top student with a stellar GPA, she earned a BA and, later, her MBA in Executive Management. A pioneer and leader both in and out of the classroom, Angie’s experiences on campus led to the birth of her famed new invention, YOYO Lip Gloss.

A fan of makeup since age five, Angie knows her way around a vanity. Thus, it didn’t take long for her to realize a void in the cosmetics arena: the lost lipgloss. (Every girl knows the frustration of being unable to find her favorite gloss, only to finally discover it hidden in her tote, drawer or gym bag.) This revelation birthed Angie’s genius design of a gloss that can’t become a lost lip product (and is always easily found). It clips onto anything – from belt loop to shoulder strap, locker to Louis clutch – so you’re never at a loss for your gloss.

Together with a team of experienced, energized chemists and makeup manufacturers, Angie coined and claimed an end result … YOYO Lip Gloss. With key concept in tow and a recently-published case study to follow suit, this young entrepreneur travels worldwide to help and encourage business students follow their dreams. 

My Review:  I love putting lip gloss on that has a yummy scent!  Weird how it really tastes like the scent is supposed to smell!  I love the retractable clip for the lip gloss. It will be perfect for the purse, diaper bag, or work jacket.   All of the scents smell just like I would expect them.  I don't feel like they leave a super sticky lip print when I am drinking from my water glass. It did give my lips a nice shine and shimmer!  (Something they don't see very often at all!)  

My only complaint is when I put on the lip gloss on my chapped lips it tingled for the whole time it was on there.  When I contacted the company, they told me they had a special "cooling" formulation in their lip gloss. It might feel good normally, but not on my chapped lips.

Overall, I am happy with these YOYO Lip Gloss Mini's!


WIN IT: Angie has most graciously offered one lucky Go Long! Go Green! reader a YOYO Prize Package.

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Go Green Go Long on Facebook
SGsMama on Twitter

YOYO on Twitter

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Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not monetarily compensated for this review.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kid-e-cover (Outlet Cover) Review and Giveaway

I am always on the lookout for ways to make our house a safer place for Sophia and other little ones that come to play or visit!  My biggest pet peeve is trying to get these silly outlet plugs out of my outlets so I can access my power.  Honestly, I don't vacuum as much as I should b/c I get sick of dealing with these pesky pieces of plastic.  Believe me, they are VERY KID SAFE and unfortunately MOM SAFE too cause I can't ever seem to get them out.  Sometimes I have to go get a screw-driver to pry them out.  Bottom line ... we have crumbs and such on our floor and I just deal with it!

Saftey 1st Ultra Clear Outlet Plugs 12 for $2.49

I was thrilled when I heard from Mitchell over at Elicole and had the opportunity to review his new inventive outlet cover.  Elicole is a Michigan based company and you know I love supporting my fellow-mid-westerners!
Comes in an eco-friendly package.
 The outlet cover was so easy to install!  See installation instructions HERE.

The outlet cover on the wall.
 Once you have it on the wall, you are ready to go ....

1. Pull the tab located on the side of the Kid-E-CoverTM to align the holes of the internal shutter with the holes on the face of the Kid-E-CoverTM.
2. Insert electrical plug firmly into the electrical outlet receptacle so that the electrical plug is mounted flush the Kid-E-CoverTM and there are no gaps between the Kid-E-CoverTM and the electrical plug.
3. To remove electrical plug, pull plug firmly. Upon removal, the internal shutter automatically snaps closed to prevent access to the outlet receptacle.

I am using my thumbnail to slide over the outlet cover. 

My Review: I was very impressed with this outlet cover.  As it should be, the tension on the pull-tab is tight, but not too tight that I have to use two hands.  A little one will not be able to figure out how to pull the tab and insert a plug into the outlet.  However, as with any cover, the older kids are going to be able to figure out the mechanism, but HOPEFULLY they are trained by their parents that is dangerous and they should stay away! recommends "We should always discourage our children from playing with or near any electrical equipment.  Better be safe than sorry."

I also wanted to compare prices for this innovative outlet cover vs one similar in function at Babies R Us. sells 5 outlet covers for $15.00, which makes them $3/cover.  As you can see in the picture below, the safety first swing shut cover is $7.99!  You can get 2 Elicole kid-e-cover's for the price of one of these, plus it is delivered to your doorstep!  I find these covers worth their money and so much easier to use than my current outlet plugs!  The hubby and I are talking about replacing all our plugs with these amazing covers!  Job Well Done!

Safety 1st Pro Grade Swing Shut Outlet Cover $7.99

** Remember, this product is not a substitute for appropriate adult supervision and at some point in your child's life, they may learn to overcome such a deterrent.

BUY IT: Elicole Store

WIN IT: Mitchell has offered up one of his amazing outlet covers for one lucky Go Long! Go Green! reader!

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SGsMama on Twitter Homepage

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Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not monetarily compensated for this review.

One Pink Duck Review and Giveaway

I have always seen little ones wearing super cute initial shirts with their names on it and wondered, where can I get one of those!!  After doing some blog hopping, I came across a wonderful WAHM store called, "One Pink Duck."  I enjoyed browsing her website and all the products she offers.  Carrie and her mother-in-law Linda want to provide quality custom embroidery, including digitizing, and gifts that are unique and handmade. They are doing it all for their little granddaughters and daughters!  Currently, Carrie has "3 Pink Ducks" of her own!

Carrie put together this shirt for Sophia and I couldn't wait to receive it!  When I opened the package I was thrilled to see the final product!  I loved it!  It was a simple, yet fun every day shirt!!  She wore it for our big outing last Saturday to the downtown library and to Qdoba on the circle for lunch!

Size 4T shirt ... I am glad Carrie sent the 4T instead of the 2T.
This way I know for sure she can wear it next year!
So cute!  I LOVE the font!
Nate and Sophia at the downtown library on the 6th floor!
Eating her naked burrito at Qdoba!  Yum!!  

My Review:  The customer service over at One Pink Duck is awesome!  I really enjoyed working with Carrie and her service was very prompt!  I am so happy with the shirt she designed for Sophia!  I also am impressed by the fact she uses "kids" brand t's that are made in the USA!  I love supporting the USA in each aspect of a product!  The t-shirt is so soft to the touch!  I would love having one of these myself!!

Head over to One Pink Duck and check out their selection of various products!  You won't regret your purchase!  They also have super cute number t's that would be great for birthdays!

Or wouldn't this pillowcase be a cute addition to your little one's new big girl/big boy room?

Or who can pass up this adorable hooded plush towel?

Carrie and Linda are bursting at the seams with creativity .... you have to check out their store!!


WIN IT: One lucky Go Long! Go Green! reader will win a long sleeve shirt of their choice of color and embroidery name and letter.

Links you will find helpful for the giveaway:
Go Green Go Long on Facebook
SGsMama on Twitter

One Pink Duck on FB

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Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not monetarily compensated for this review.

Crunchy N Yummy Organic Snacks Review and Giveaway

Nate and I are always looking for great camping/hiking snacks that are easy to pack, lightweight, and tasty!  We have tried lots of freeze-dried foods and they usually come up short on taste and high on price.

Iara over at Crunchy N Yummy sent me a variety pack of her freeze-dried organic snacks.   Honestly, I wondered how different they could taste than all the others that we have tasted!  Boy was I wrong -- they are packed full of flavor and crunch!   The 5 flavors in my little sample box included Strawberry, Pineapple, Mango, Papaya, and Banana.

Here are some perks of freeze-dried foods:
- Relatively contamination-free since dehydration makes it virtually impossible for yeast and bacteria to survive!
- Stores for a long time without spoiling!
- Minimal to no preparation
- Low shipping and storage costs b/c extremely lightweight due to water removal
- Easy to transport
- No refrigeration
- Great for camping, hiking, on-the-go snacks, with cereals, baking, salads, yogurt or ice-cream toppings

My Review:  I really enjoyed these little snacks.  They are perfect for our camping and hiking adventures!  I love that she used organic fruits b/c the last thing we needed is concentrated chemical-laden foods while we are doing intense hiking and exercising!  It is also a great snack to carry in a purse or a diaper bag for the little ones!  Sophia really liked the pineapple, strawberry, and banana.

My favorite, HANDS DOWN, was the banana!!  I could have eaten the whole bag in one setting!  It is super sweet, packed full of banana goodness!  The pineapple had great flavor, although a funny texture, which is not surprising with the way the fruit is when it is fresh.  The big pieces of the mango were quite tasty! The strawberry flavor was yummy and the texture was just as I would imagine.  I am not a big fan of papaya so I am going to let the hubby have that one!

The cost is affordable too.  It is $15.95 for 6 packages which makes them about $2.65/pack.  You get a lot of freeze dried fruit in just 1 package!! :)  Plus they are eligible for free shipping which is a must for me on Amazon!!

I plan to bookmark the banana and pineapple flavors on my Amazon wish list for our summer trips! :)

BUY IT: Here on

WIN IT: One lucky Go Long! Go Green! winner will receive all 5 flavors that I received: Strawberry, Pineapple, Mango, Papaya, and Banana

Links you will find helpful for the giveaway:
Go Green Go Long on Facebook
SGsMama on Twitter

Crunchy N Yummy on Facebook
Crunchy N Yummy on Twitter

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Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not monetarily compensated for this review.


Just Paper Roses $50 GC Winner:

Joyful Creations 
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Boodle Bottoms Winner:

"New Subscriber to GLGG emails"

Winners have been contacted via email and have 48 hours to respond!!  Check your inbox ladies!!

Thanks again for following and entering the giveaways!!  

Some of you that continue to enter each giveaway are so close to winning!  Many of you are the person before or just after!  Hang in there and keep entering! will love you sometime!!!