Monday, February 14, 2011

Mighty Mud Butt Pocket Diaper REVIEW AND GIVEAWAY

I am so honored to be the first to review and tell you about Mud Butt Diaper's "MIGHTY MUD BUTT!"  This is a diaper that is made especially for heavy wetters, bigger babies, and toddlers who have yet to potty learn!  It has many new and improved features from the Original Mud Butt!!   If you have a larger child or a super heavy wetter ... this might be the diaper for you!!!

I first found out about Mud Butt Cloth Diapers through a Facebook contest.  I actually won a $10 GC to Carrie's store.  I ordered my first Mud Butt (as seen below in the green.).  I picked out the colors and snaps!  I like to call it a "Fruity Fun" diaper!  I love the fact that Carrie makes all of her diapers by hand and puts so much TLC in each one!  I like the diaper, but with Sophia being a heavy wetter and off the growth charts, it just seemed a little bit too small for her frame!  Little did I know Carrie already had a genius idea for the Mighty Mud Butt in mind!  Perfect timing!!

Comparing the two: Mighty (in Purple) & Original (in Green)

Here are the new features in The Mighty Mud Butt:

- A wider front panel as well as TWO extra rows of waist snaps on both ends of the front panel to eliminate the need for the thigh savers snaps for most kiddos (worked for us!)  Although, Carrie does include a package of 4 thigh-saver snaps.  (If you scroll down to the picture below with the white side showing, you can see the green Mud Butt has the thigh saver snaps in place.)

- The diaper is bigger overall, so it is specifically meant for larger babies and toddlers.  (Weight range discussed below).  

You can see how much bigger the Mighty Mud Butt is compared to the Original!
  Just a few inches really make a difference!

- Super Stuffable: This feature allows moms of heavy wetters to stuff in multiple inserts!  Before we started our Potty Learning, Sophia had to have at least 3 inserts in her diaper during the day.  I could barely fit 2 microfiber inserts in the Original Mud Butt.  I can fit 4 inserts (although it is snug) in The Mighty Mud Butt!  (Yipee!)  Three inserts fit in pretty easy!  

- The Original Mud Butt would never have worked for a night time diaper (for us), but the Might Mud Butt, stuffed with 3-4 inserts, works for us at night!  For those of you with a variety of dipes in your stash, you know your go-to diapers for night vs. those that are day-use only!

Notice how much wider the center is to allow for more "intense" stuffing! Ha!
Notice the thigh savers (white snaps on the floor and the green dipe)

- Extra row of rise snaps, once again allows for a wider weight range.

- On the smallest rise setting, it would probably fit about a 15lb baby, depending on their build of course.  Sophia is 32 lbs and isn't on the last rise and Carrie's son is almost 40 lbs and he too isn't on the last rise!  There is a large weight range, which is quite nice when you are putting on this diaper on multiple kiddos, but remember, it certainly isn't a OS that would include the tiny little ones!  The Original Mud Butt is sized for about 7 lbs-35 lbs.

Extra Info: 

* They will be available in most colors and prints, depending on Carrie's stock, which is always listed in the drop down menu in parenthesis.  Most of the time she is fully stocked.  

* The price will be $1.50 more as they take up more fabric and supplies!  Although, it is worth it when you don't have to change and wash sheets due to major leakage!! 

* They come in either pocket or AI2 just like the original, however they won't have the bamboo insert option!  Carrie makes a wider insert The Mighty Mud Butt, which is all microfiber (plus a layer of suedecloth if it is an AI2).  

My Review:  I feel The Mighty Mud Butt is a great addition to my diaper stash which is comprised of about 95% pocket diapers! (Can you tell which style is my fav? HA!)  I love all of the fun PUL colors she has available and especially her new prints!  I really love that you can customize each diaper you order, color and snaps!  Not too many diaper companies will give you this much freedom!

Carrie's customer service is incredible!  I have really enjoyed getting to know her through email as we have been working together over the past few months!  She is an incredible person!  I am honored to have 2 diapers made by her sweet hands! :)   I know my LO is wearing a diaper with tons of LOVE and TLC!

The new and improved features which make me the happiest (compared to the Original Mud Butt) include:
- Extra waist snaps on both sides of the longer front panel
- Wider mid-section so that it is "super stuffable" - a MUST for this mama!!

All of Carrie's diapers come with one insert, but you always have the option to add an additional insert to your cart.  The insert for The Mighty Mud Butt is much wider than the one for the Original Mud Butt.

The Original Mud Butt is OK for us at naptime (still working on potty-learning at nap and night), but The Mighty Mud Butt is great for us at night!

* Remember this dipe is specifically for larger kids and later potty learners or kids who need overnight help who may be potty learned during the day!

Are you in a pickle?  Need a diaper for your heavy wetter or toddler that is currently potty-learning?  The Mighty Mud Butt might just be what you need to fill that void in your fluffy stash!!

BUY IT: HERE (Prints) or (Solids

WIN IT: In lieu of Valentines Day, Carrie has offered up a RED MIGHTY MUD BUTT DIAPER to 1 very lucky Go Long Go Green follower!!

Links you will find helpful for the giveaway:
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Hyena Cart for Mud Butt Diapers

Come on guys ... step it up and check out Carrie's Hyena Cart!!

My adorable Mighty Mud Butt!
This giveaway is open to the U.S. and will end on Wed March 2, 2011 at midnight. The winner will be drawn via and will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be drawn. Please, no PO Boxes.

Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not monetarily compensated for this review.


Boise Wiebers said...

Thank you for the informative review and giveaway.

- Trisha

Nik said...

I'm not entering to win because I'm not sure I'll need a Mighty yet (my little guy is only 14 pounds currently), but I really enjoyed reading your review. I LOVE Mud Butts. They're our family favorite!

Katie Adams said...

Loved the review! My skinny guy doesn't "need" the mighty due to wet but we love the super sized insert because he is a super duper heavywetter! Carrie and I have discussed this!

Your google form didn't ask for Facebook & Twitter Id's so I wanted to come and leave mine for verification.

Facebook: Katie Adams
Twitter: @diaryofmomma00

Melissa said...

I LOVE MUD BUTT DIAPERS!! Im in my 8th month and have a 1 YO also.. I can't wait to use these new diapers on my Newest little one!! They work WONDERFUL on my DD and Carrie from Mud Butt Is excellent to work with!!!

jodilee0123 said...

I have purchased some Mighty's before this review came out and we LOVE them. They have yet to leak at night--which was the normal thing in our house. Washing sheets EVERY day gets old. My kids love them--and so do I! I do also own like 15 normal Mud Butts--or more. . . I think I was one of Carrie's first big orders. I love them! AND they make spraying poo fun! haha! ENJOY!