About Me

A Little More About My Blog

Go Long! Go Green! used to be a blog for friends and family to keep updated on The Long Family Chronicles, aka our (not-so)crazy life!!  Although, in the back of my mind, I always had a desire to make it "so much more," but honestly had no clue where to begin!  After Sophia was born and I started cloth diapering, I became obsessed with entering giveaway contests to win free diapers and baby gear!  I would bounce from blog to blog, searching for the best products!  I found myself reading the reviews and dreaming, "How could I ever get the chance to do this?  It would be so fun!"  I quickly realized how big the "mommy blogging" world truly was!!  

Recently I was inspired by another wonderful Mommy Blog to go forth and pursue my dream of reviewing family friendly products and hosting giveaways on my blog.  I want Go Long! Go Green! to be a reliable source of information for its diverse group of followers!  I trust the reviews from the Mommy Blogs that I follow and am thankful for their pursuit of finding the best, safest, and "greenest" products for the family!  I have such a passion for safe and green products for Sophia.  I want to share that passion with other moms and blog readers!!

I hope you will get as much enjoyment out of reading the blog as I do from writing!

A Little More About Me

I am a wife to an amazing husband, Nate, and a mommy to a beautiful Sophia Grace, handsome Jackson Grant, and sweet Jonathan Robert!   I am a Christ-follower and love spending time in the word with other women and mommies!  It is amazing how much more you learn about your need for Christ being a wife and mom!

I stay home with Sophia, Jackson, and Jonathan the majority of the time and work on a supplemental basis as a Pharmacist.  I work anywhere from 2-7 days/month, which is the PERFECT balance for this family!  A little dose of "retail and drugs" goes a long way! HA! :)  Eventually, I see myself working a little more when all the kids are in school, but right now, this works well for us!  I still do daily-weekly personal pharmacy consults for family and friends!

We are a "GREEN" family, which means we cloth diaper (including cloth wipes and homemade solution), compost, recycle, and garden!!  We try to purchase "Green Toys" and avoid BPA!! We are very conscious about our health and are avid healthy-eaters and exercisers!  I am always looking for new gluten-free recipes, as we usually eat all GF in our household!  I love experimenting with lots of new healthy food options!  We are also very natural health minded, which often causes our doctors to roll their eyes!!  If you aren't looking out for your own body, you can't expect doctors to!  (Believe me, I have seen it first hand for many years in the medical field!)

I hope you will join us in this adventure called LIFE!!  (Also, would be honored if you would become a friend and follower!)

Thanks for reading!