Friday, November 6, 2015

My Friend Teddy

Meet My Friend Teddy!

I am excited to partner again with Genesis Toys in reviewing their newest product "My Friend Teddy."  You might recall I recently reviewed "My Friend Cayla."

Genesis Toy's describes Teddy as a "huggable, cuddly classic teddy bear, that doubles as a plush companion and a development tool for preschoolers.  Your child will interact with wonderment and awe as Teddy integrates personalization into his engaging storytelling.  Teddy also fosters motor skills and language development, via learning games, counting exercises while offering ascending levels of complexity.  Teddy is your child's special friend."

MY REVIEW:  Jackson was the perfect one to help me review this product as it is geared towards the preschool age group.  I downloaded the FREE app from the App Store and connected through Bluetooth.  When the app started up, I saw this screen.  It works with the iPad, iPhone, or iTouch.  

I was able to enter in all the information that I wanted to about Jackson.  I could leave some blank or make some answers longer!  Populating these fields allow Teddy to connect and interact with your child!  Jackson said "Mom, he knows my name!  That is so cool!"   As you can see below, you can also set the age level to correspond correctly.  Another great feature!  

Jackson's favorite way to interact with Teddy is through the series of games that are offered.   The sea puzzle game is his favorite!  It really helps him to develop his fine motor skills.  As you can see below, each game has three different levels!  They can have their minds challenged while having fun!  The other great feature is that other kids in the family can also enjoy the games!  

In addition to playing games, there are stories on the app and Teddy will read them to your child!  Another great feature!  

Jackson spent at least 45 minutes playing games and just "talking" with Teddy!  

Here is a little clip to give you an idea what it is like to have "My Friend Teddy" for a companion for your preschooler!  PS.  Jackson cracks up each time you turn Teddy upside down because he says "Weeeeeeee  or Everything looks funny when you’re upside down!"  

Teddy is Kid Safe too! As opposed to CaylaMy Friend Teddy works off-line, does not connect to the internet, and uses a kid-safe proprietary software that protects your child from offensive or sensitive words and images. You can block specific words you don’t want your child using!

In summary, I really enjoyed watching my son interact with My Friend Teddy!  He had a great time playing games and "talking" with him!  I love that you can customize the type of information that Teddy knows about your child!  You can be very specific to your child or be very general so many children can interact with it.  The app is SUPER easy to install and use!  It even has a feature where you can add many "profiles" of friends and family members and add some information.  You can also add a personal recording.  When the child activates the profile feature, they can tap each person and hear facts about that family member or friend!!  I love that Teddy can grow with my children!  I can always customize the age range and even the language!  Teddy speaks in Spanish and English!      

We are so thankful we were asked to review My Friend Teddy!  It has become a FAVORITE toy in our house!  

Keep Teddy in mind for Christmas lists!  My Friend Teddy can be purchased from Walmart and Amazon!  

Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not monetarily compensated for this review.