Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gotta look younger....



What do ya think? It was time for a totally new hairdo!! Sophia was getting too good at grabbing a HUGE chunk of hair and pulling it out of my head!!! Gotta give her less to work with!! Plus, going for the "not a new mom" look!! A little more polished now!!!

It sure feels good to have 7 inches off my back! It should cut my AM drying time in half!! Oh yeah baby!!!


Happy 7 Month Birthday Baby Girl!

7 months ago today my little baby girl was just a few hours old!! I actually recall closing my eyes for the first time in over 36 hours around the time I am writing this blog! Aunt Sarah was rocking Sophia and I was trying to get some "shut-eye" before the evening guests arrived!! Wow, isn't it crazy how fast time flies!!! I sure love this stage in her life!!! Each day I fall more in love with my husband and my baby girl! God has blessed us in huge ways!!

Allyson and Sophia!

Smartipants Review Blog -- WIN YOUR OWN!

Hopefully you have had a chance to check out:

Last week, I was very thankful to have received a Smartipants diaper to review. I honestly had never heard of Smartipants until a very good friend of mine (that also cloth diapers) filled me in on what they had to offer! I currently use pre-folds and the leading pocket diaper, so I was very curious of the advantages of adding the Smartipants diaper to my current system.

Smartipants is a One Size (adjustable rise) sleeve/pocket cloth diaper with 1-2 microfiber inserts (depending on which package you purchase). You can buy the Smartipants diapers individually or in a Smart Start pack of 3 (in a variety of colors). The website also offers a 10 pack of the Smartipants inserts separately.

Smartipants’ mission is to provide smart parents with smart diaper solutions. Smartipants are 100% green, environmentally friendly, economical, and made in the USA.
Sophia had the chance to wear the Smartipants diaper a few times and these are my thoughts!

A. Design

1. Pocket/Sleeve – Unlike the other pocket diapers, the Smartipants diaper has 2 openings. This is a nice advantage because you don’t have to pull out the insert before placing it into the diaper pail because the washer will agitate the insert out of the sleeve. Honestly, I don’t mind touching the wet inserts b/c I have to wash my hands anyways after changing a diaper. Since my review diaper only came with ONE insert, I didn’t get to test out and see if both inserts would agitate out in the washing machine. I actually found it harder to stuff the insert into the sleeve compared to the leading pocket diaper. It seemed to have a more snug fit (which could be a good thing too

2. Trimness – Yes, the Smartipants diaper is VERY trim with 1 insert, however, when you add a second insert, I can’t imagine that it would be trimmer than the leading pocket diaper. It is an advantage if you are only using 1 insert.

3. Snaps – Unlike most other pocket diapers, the Smartipants diaper uses a snap system versus velcro. When the diaper first arrived, I did not think that I would like the snaps, as velcro is so easy! However, I actually didn’t mind the snaps. There were "tight" but easy to use. I guess snaps will be a plus when Sophia is older and can figure out how to get out of a "velcro" diaper. Also, when wearing a dress, the snaps could be an advantage, as the diaper doesn’t "roll inward", which in the leading diaper, leads to the velcro rubbing against her skin.

4. Adjustable – As with most other pocket diapers, the Smartipants diaper will grow with your child. The weight recommendations for us are from 7 lbs to 35 lbs.

B. Absorbency. Smartipants has "Leak-Guard Technology to keep moisture contained and your baby dry." Their diapers are made with "breathable" fibers and are free from any chemicals or irritants. The Leak Guard Technology is the area inside the diaper between the leg casing elastic and the Smart Sleeve. The gusseted gap helps the inserts to absorb the "liquids" and prevents leaks.

1. Daytime review (2-4 hours) with 1 insert: Worked fine as I thought it would. She only had it on for 3 hours. No leaks.

2. Naptime reviews (2 hours tummy sleeper) with 1 insert: The first time I tried the Smartipants diaper for Sophia’s nap it did not leak during her nap. Tummy nap times usually produce wet clothes with prefolds/whisper wraps. However, the second time I tried it during her nap and her clothes were soaked all the way up her chest. I really feel that I need two inserts for a nap to provide adequate leakage protection.

3. Overnight review (12+ hours) with 1 insert: HORRIBLE!! After reading the reviews, I had a hard time believing that people’s kids would not leak after 12 hours with just 1 insert!!! After 11 hours, she woke up and was SOAKED (through 5 layers to be exact!). She was wet all the way up her back in her onesie, sleep sack, crib sheet, waterproof pad, and the mattress pad!! I wonder if a second insert would prevent leakage? The pee has to go somewhere! My only concern with the design at night is having 2 openings could be a bad thing as the pee traveled right up the back of the diaper!

Overall, I did feel that I needed two inserts for the diaper to give me comparable leak protection to my current pocket diaper. (Obviously, with a newborn and younger child, this shouldn’t be a problem. However, now that my 7 month old is eating solids and drinking a decent amount of additional water, she wets A LOT!) Plus, I use pre-folds during the day and rely on pocket diapers for overnight convenience and protection!

C. Cost

1. Starter Package (1 Smartipants diaper and 2 Smart Sleeve Inserts) = $14.95

2. 3-Pack (3 Smartipants diapers and 3 Smart Sleeve Inserts) = $39.95

3. Smart Sleeve Inserts (10 pack) = $19.95

Here are my thoughts on the cost – I know that all of the reviews I have read tout the Smartipants diaper as much cheaper than the leading pocket diaper. Here is my beef – I feel I needed two inserts to have equal protection to my current pocket diaper. If I purchase a pack of Smartipants diapers, which come in a pack of 3, they only come with 1 insert. I would then need to purchase a smart sleeve insert package, which comes in quantities of 10. Therefore, the total cost/diaper (with one sleeve left over not in use if using 2 at a time) is actually $15.32. If I just purchased all "starter" diapers (which come with 2 inserts), the total cost would only be $14.95 per diaper. In both ways, Smartipants diapers are still slightly cheaper than the leading pocket diaper, but not by much.

D. Laundry – Since I use both prefolds and pocket diapers, I only have to wash diapers Q 4-6 days. However, the times that I washed the Smartipants, they seemed to wash up nicely and dry relatively quickly.

1. ONE Question – I am very curious to know if the Smartipants diaper will begin to smell like the BG 3.0 without using any odor removal spray with each use? Since they are made of very similar material, I can’t imagine it would be any different? However, I would love to know if anyone uses both pocket diapers and has compared!!

Overall assessment: Once again, I am very grateful to have received the review diaper from Smartipants! (THANK YOU!) I think the Smartipants diaper is of excellent quality and design. The Leak Guard technology is fantastic in the leg gussets. The extra row of stitching is very beneficial. The cost makes this pocket diaper very economical. I think the Smartipants diaper would be an excellent addition to my current diapering system for day and possible naptime use (if I had 2 inserts). However, I am still not convinced that it is as good as my current pocket diaper for overnight (which to me is the most important thing in a pocket diaper)! Overall, I am pleased with the diaper.

Smarti Pants has graciously offered up another diaper for me to giveaway to one of my loyal blog readers!! Here's how to enter:

Mandatory Entry: Visit Smarti Pants and tell me what color diaper you like most or give me an interesting fact you learned about Smarti Pants from reading their site. Leave your email address with your comment at the bottom of this post!

Extra Entries (as many as you would like):

1. Follow me or subscribe to my feed - leave me a comment letting me know you did (or already do).

2. Blog about this giveaway - leave the address of where it is (in the comment section of this blog).

3. Comment on any other post on my blog - then come back to this post and tell me you did (any post new or old and you can do it with as many posts as you like).

4. Leave your own personal cloth diaper tip on any post (only 1 per day)

5. Leave any questions you might have on cloth diapering or on this specific blog post!

The winner will be picked randomly via Contest closes in 2 weeks (8/12/09 at 11:59pm EST). Winner will be notified via email, so if I don’t have your email address, another winner will be chosen. Looking forward to hearing people’s thoughts and comments!! Make sure to pass on the website to your friends so they can enter as well!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Your chance to win a Smartipants cloth diaper!

Hey all you loyal blog readers out there -- stay tuned this week for your chance to win a Smartipants cloth diaper (to try out or give to a fellow mom to try!)

Check out their website:

I have spent a few hours working on the review blog and will post it soon!


Monday, July 27, 2009

It's another manic Monday ... wish it were Sunday ...

Anybody got a case of the "Monday's" ???

We do!!

Allyson and Sophia

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Late Breaking Blogger News

Sophia just rolled over from her back to her tummy!! She has been rolling over from her tummy to her back for over 3 months now, but just now figured out the other way! Maybe she will remember her new trick at night when she is trying to get comfy sleeping!!!

Oh, the joys of motherhood and milestones!!

Hip Hip Hooray!


Going APE for pictures!

I can't believe how quickly the summer has gone!!! Sophia and I are sad that Aunt Sarah has to go back to school so soon!! Plus some of our other walking buddies that are teachers -- we will miss them too!!!

It has been a bit lonely around the Long household during the day lately! Aunt Sarah left yesterday for a Carribean Cruise with her teacher friends! We miss her already!! Also, our dear friend Apryl (and Olivia) left yesterday for a family vacation to FL! It stinks not having my regular walking buddies around!!! Our run/walk this morning was awful quiet!!!

So, what is a mom to do while her princess sleeps? This mom likes to catch up on housework, but not before her blogging and FB time!! :)

Here is a picture of our weekly banana stock!!! Yes, if you count them you will find #25 of them! This will barely make it till next Monday's grocery shopping day!! I love Meijer b/c I can always find some "ready to eat ones" and some "save for the end of the week green ones!" Sophia and her daddy go "APE" for bananas!!!

Our neighbors Jim and Sandy gave Sophia this Radio Flyer red wagon on Sunday! Their grandkids have outgrown it now! We have taken it around the block 2x now and she just has a blast riding in it!! We are so appreciative for this most generous gift!!! When Sophia's friend Olivia comes over next time, we will have to take both girls in the wagon!! I know Sophia will LOVE that!

Sophia and her daddy always spend some quality time together when Nate gets home from work after we eat dinner!! She loves being an "airplane" on daddy's legs!!! I think she tries to tell him, "Higher daddy, higher!"

She also thinks it is funny to sit on his neck! Sometimes she lets a little toot out when she gets really excited! It is quite funny!

Another gift from Jim and Sandy: Leap frog ABC learning car (not sure exactly what its name is!) She loves driving this toy! Although the voice on the toy is getting a bit annoying for mommy!!

Those are a few pictures from our past week! Hope you enjoy!!!

Have a great weekend! Wonder if it will ever be warm enough again to go swimming?


Monday, July 20, 2009

Daddy Kissin' on Sophia

I am thrilled b/c I just figured out how to make mini movies on our new computer! Here is my first "quick" project!! Hope you enjoy it!! It brings a smile to my face! The belly laughs are the BEST!!


Saturday's Photo Shoot

Starring: Sophia Grace Long

Thursday, July 16, 2009

An amazing feeling...

Last night we were invited to dinner with some friends from our Sunday School class!! We were so excited about the invitation! There were three couples there, one that is expecting (yeah, we are so excited for them!), one with 2 kids (21 months and almost 4 years old), and our family. We had such a laid back evening! Dinner was simple, yet very tasty! Conversation with great and memorable!

One of the best parts was watching Sophia play with the two kids!! It was such an amazing feeling to watch her sit up all by herself and interact with the other two! They were making her laugh more than Nate and I could ever do (hard belly laughs) ... they would talk to her softly ... pat her on the back ... show her their "moves." She was the happiest little girl last night, and it just made my heart melt!! She is growing up and getting bigger by the day!! I love being home to witness it too!! She has improved by leaps and bounds over the past week alone! The 6 month milestone of sitting up is very monumental in our eyes!! She finally can independently interact with the world without our help!! :)

I will cherish that night and the fond memories that were made forever!!!

Thanks guys!

Allyson and Sophia Sittin' Pretty!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oats and Plums!

Absence does make the heart grow fonder!! Yesterday while I was at work, I thought about my precious baby all day long! I usually don't find myself doing that, but for some reason, my heart was extra soft yesterday!! I think it is partially due to the fact that she is really changing and developing more and more each day! She has really got the "sitting up unassisted" thing down well! Pretty soon she will learn to crawl ... then walk ... then run ... then be all over the house in everything!! I do have to admit, I am looking forward to those days!!

Even though I was working hard, Sophia had a fun filled day yesterday at Grammie and Grampie's house!! Aunt Sarah even came down to play! Sophia got to swing at the park which is one of her favorite things to do! She even got to visit with my Uncle Harv! He can be a softy when he is around little babies!!!

This morning Sophia and I spent some time in the kitchen! Sophia was in her exersaucer, and I was at the stove top! I am still trying to make it through all the fruits and veggies with Sophia before giving her any meats or yogurt. Organic plums were on sale this week at Meijer so I picked up 6 of them for Sophia. I made them up in the Beaba and tasted them .... Wow ... they were really tart. Hum... how to sweeten without sugar or honey (since those are big no-no's until after 1-2 years old)? I added the left over pear juice from the batch of pears I made .... still a little tart ... then I added two very ripe bananas! Much better!! So we have two full trays of "plum-ear-ana"!! The combination actually tasted really good! I let her taste test them and she really enjoyed it! Success!!
Next -- on to a new grain -- steel cut oats! (A little background information -- Nate has an allergy to gluten-containing foods which includes all wheat, oats, barley, etc. Due to genetics, Sophia has a chance of the same allergy. It was suggested she be tested for Celiac around 6 months. However, I started doing a little research and saw that a person needs to be exposed to gluten-containing foods for at least 2-3 months before the levels of antibodies will build up and register on a blood test. After consulting with some GI specialists, it was decided we should introduce oats and check her blood levels of IgA and IgG at 9 months.) So, all that being said, I made up a batch of homemade steel cut oats!! It tasted 100x better than the rice cereal!! I will be excited to add cinnamon to it in another month!! Yeah for spices!!!
1) Boil 4 cups of water.
2) Grind up 1 cup of steel cut oats into a fine powder.
3) Add the oat powder to the boiling water and stir (with a whisk) for at least 10 minutes. Add extra water for the right consistency!
4) Pour into storage trays! (Made 36 cubes)
Here are the oats I used. You can find Bob's Red Mill products at Meijer and Kroger. I believe some Walmart's have started carrying some of them as well! Trader Joes also sells good quality steel cut oats!
This is what my freezer looks like after the morning cooking session. 2 trays of plum-ear-ana and 3 trays of steel cut oats!! Yum Yum! Plus my freezer bags full of the other foods!!!

Have a great day!!

Allyson and Sophia

Monday, July 13, 2009

6 month check-up

... at 6 1/2 months, but better late than never!

Sophia is growing like a weed these days!!! I was shocked by her latest stats... are you sitting down?

At 4 months she was 13 lbs 11 oz (45-50%), 25.5 inches long (75%), and HC of 17 inches (90%).

Today at 6 months she was 16 lbs 15 oz (55%), 28 inches long (>97%), and HC 18 inches (>97%).

So you may wonder what >97% means .... basically it means she is off the growth chart for her height and head!!! Cracks me up!!! I was just beginning to think her body was catching up with her head!!

She also had her very first shot today and did really well! She just cried when they stuck her, but stopped when I picked her up!! She hasn't been fussy or cranky at all today!! Probably b/c it was just one?

Oh yeah, by the way... she has been sitting up unsupported now for (usually) 10-15 min increments! Oh yeah!!! Seems like she has made such headway since Friday!

Until we type again,

Allyson and Sophia

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fun times in the baby pool

Thank heavens for sunlight!! What a beautiful Sunday, especially compared to yesterday where it rained in Indy ALL day long!! Finally we were able to get out Sophia's baby pool and let her go for a "swim!" I learned quickly that the water needs to be very warm (like bath water) for her to enjoy it!! I let it heat up all morning and this afternoon we were able to go for a "dip." She did awesome sitting up all by herself. (6-month milestone, check) There were just a few times she got wobbly and started to tip over!! She loved splashing around in the water! Sophia hasn't been one to splash in the bathtub, so this is a new found joy of hers!! She just laughed and smiled!!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Tomorrow we have Sophia's 6 month doctor visit (only 2 weeks late), so I am anxious to see how much she has grown!! Especially that head!! HaHaHa

Happy Splashing!

Allyson and Sophia

Friday, July 10, 2009

Recipe for banana-cado

As many of you know, I have been making Sophia's baby food. I have been trying to find ways to make bigger portion sizes so I don't have to make it as often. Initially I was making small amounts to see if she liked the food -- didn't want to waste money if she wasn't going to like it!! (Won't take stock out on Meijer's Organic Frozen Peas!) Last night I made a killer combo and it was a cinch!!! I wanted to share it for all of you out there that are making your own food or are trying to find new foods for your baby!!!

Recipe for Banana-Cado

2 Ripe Avocados
2 VERY ripe bananas (banana bread quality -- lots of brown spots on the peel and VERY soft to the touch)
~1/4 cup Distilled water

Mix avocados, bananas, and water In a food processor/blender. May add more water if needed. Once all mixed together, you will have a green, fluffy mixture. Pour into ice cube trays and freeze. Makes 24 cubes!

Easy as that!! If your child likes bananas, they will LOVE the banana-cado. (I think it tastes more like bananas since avocado's alone don't have much of a taste!)


Does anyone out there in blogger land have a favorite homemade baby food combination or recipe? Please do leave a comment!!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Whew... what a week!!!

As most of you read on the last post, it has been a whirlwind of a week (thus the lack of blogs). For some CRAZY reason I thought it would be good to sign up for some extra shifts for some extra vacation money!! WRONG -- bad idea since I had 4 shifts in 6 days!! Today was the last shift and thankfully it went really fast!!

The day started off a little bit rocky! Typically when I open a shift at the Greenwood store, we get Sophia up at 5:30am, I feed her, we head down to my parents house, Nate drops us off and heads into work (1 hour south of my parents). I usually pitter around and get ready for the day at mom and dad's and they take me to work. Today he dropped us off, unloaded the car, and headed into work. He hadn't even been gone for 2-3 min when I realized that he didn't get the pump out of the backseat of the car!! I tried to call his cell phone, but it wasn't turned on!!! Errrrr!!!! Mom and I got in her car, she took off, and we tried to chase him down, to the interstate. He must have been just enough ahead of us that we couldn't catch him!!! Needless to say I started freaking out -- for those of you that breastfeed or have breastfed -- a woman needs her pump for an 8 hour shift at work!!! I finally got ahold of him when he got to work and he didn't realize that the pump didn't make it into the house -- "it blended in with the stroller!" He was going to have to drive the pump from Columbus to Greenwood, then back to Columbus again, then back to Greenwood to pick us up... that would have been silly b/c that would have been an extra 3 hours in the car (for those of you that don't live near!). So..... what to do??? Well, my parents graciously offered to bring Sophia to me at the pharmacy so I could feed her!! I had to wake her up to feed her before I left and then brought her in around 1pm when the other pharmacist arrived to work!! Sophia was so glad to see her mommy!!! I took her in the back of the pharmacy to the "dairy barn" (as my coworkers call it!). After she was done eating, she got the grand tour of the pharmacy and of course everyone wanted to see and hold her!!

So ... what started off as a horrible morning, turned out to be a wonderful day. It was such a blessing to see my little baby girl at lunch and to feed her!! She was all smiles for mommy!!! Thanks to my mom for the suggestion! Way to turn a lemon into lemonade!!!

I am excited to have lots of days off until the next shift I signed up to work!!! Yipee!!

PS> Update on the peas -- She figured out that there were peas with the sweet potatoes so that didn't work!! I was shocked b/c she LOVES sweet potatoes! I was able to mask the taste of them in some organic unsweetened applesauce! Oh the joys of getting her to eat "greens!" Way till I try spinach! Hum... could be interesting!

Until we type again!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Work, work, work....

Yes, we are all still alive!!! :) It has been a crazy past 5 days! So much to say ... where to begin?

Friday Sophia tried some organic unsweetened applesauce and really enjoyed it! Guess that means she will be ready for mom's homemade applesauce in the fall!! I can't wait for Beasley's Orchard to open back up again!!

Also, last Friday evening we went to the Avon Washington Township Park after dinner to kill some time before Sophia bedtime! As I have mentioned before, she loves to swing and watch the other kids playing!! After she was done swinging, we walked around the pond. We found some ducks and went and watched them. She was absolutely mesmerized by their quacking and movements. She watched them like a hawk!

Daddy loves to push Sophia!! Check out her facial expression -- it is priceless! I need a good caption! :) She must have seen something that sparked her interest...or maybe daddy was pushing her too high! :)

The 4th of July was anti-climactic for Nate and I this year! I had to work the weekend at Meijer (9:30am - 6pm both Sat and Sun) so we didn't do anything!! I know it is horrible and selfish to say, but I was THRILLED that it poured all day on Saturday. (1) Since I was working, it didn't make me want to be home and outside and (2) The rain put a damper on many people's pyro-shows at night!! I can't imagine having to get up multiple times during the night to soothe a baby back to sleep after loud fireworks!!! Our sleep training paid off and wouldn't want to have to start over again!!! BUT Alas, Sophia was a trouper and slept through both nights worth of fireworks. Although, I think our neighborhood had LOTS less than last year!!
The weekend was really busy at Meijer too. I filled LOTS of prescriptions -- more than I would have guessed! Quite a few interesting patients to say the least!! Won't go into much detail, but I had 1 young girl admit to me that she was a drug addict and a recovering heroin addict. It was so sad!! She got really feisty with me and started yelling that she wanted her prescriptions right away and was in a big hurry! Anger and yelling doesn't make me work any faster that is for sure!!!
Sunday Grandpa Long came out for a few hours to visit with Nate and Sophia. They went to the park and had a nice walk.
I was thrilled for Monday to come!! Sophia woke up in the BEST mood!! She was smiling, laughing, and just tons of fun! After we played and she ate, she headed to bed for a nice morning nap! After she woke up, we head to BF'ing group... she weighed 16 lbs 6.5 oz this week! She is continuing to grow, although her weight gain is leveling off -- can't gain 1 lb/wk for too many weeks in a row!!
Since my new love is making my own baby food, I am trying to tell lots of mom's how easy it is... plus how much money you can save! Monday afternoon one of Sarah's teacher friends came over for a little "baby food making party!" She brought her food and I used my Beaba! We had a great time!! She ended up taking home 4 full ice cube trays worth of baby food for just $5!
Yesterday I had to work again at Meijer! For some reason, last month I thought it would be OK to pick up some extra shifts this month since they were at the Greenwood store (10 min from mom and dad's house). The Greenwood store is the most convenient when it comes to childcare! Working the weekend, then two shifts the following week is WAY too much! Won't sign up for that again!! Dad, Mom, and Sarah took Sophia swimming at the neighbors house yesterday afternoon! I guess once Sophia got used to the water temperature, she had a great time!! I was bummed and slightly jealous that I couldn't be there!!
Sophia tried peas for the first time last night. My mom said she didn't really like them! She tried to mix them with sweet potatoes -- no luck... with the butternut squash -- no luck ... finally Nate suggested adding a tiny bit of bananas... and she FINALLY ate them!! I guess I am going to have to get tricky to get her to eat them. She loves her orange and yellow veggies, but the greens ones (I have a feeling) are going to be a challenge!! I will just have to keep working with her!!
Today I have so much to catch up on from being gone over the weekend and working yesterday!! My to-do list is just WAY too long!! Part of me wants to rebel and not doing ANY of it... too bad my chores won't disappear!!
Tomorrow is my last shift -- thank heavens!! Grammie is going to take Sophia swimming again!! I think Aunt Sarah is going to come down too!! Hopefully our little daughter will become a fish like her mommy and become a swimmer!!! Then maybe we can convince daddy to put a pool in!!! HaHaHa Yeah right!!!
Until we type again....


Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July to everyone!!! Isn't my little onesie the cutest? A gift from Grammie to celebrate the 4th!! It looks adorable with her little navy blue Polo shorts that Aunt Sarah found last summer!!! Always gotta match!!!

Yesterday Sophia went to Grandma and Grandpa Long's house for the first time!! I had a doctors appointment nearby their house so they watched her while I was gone! It is much easier going to the doctor without a child!! :) (Thank you Delores and Whitney!) Sophia and Grandma Long walked outside and met some of their neighbors! She really enjoyed rocking on Grandma Long's glider on the front porch and watching the kids playing softball next door!! After she woke up from her nap, Grandma fed her a bottle while Grandpa kissed her!! It was a short trip, maybe next time she can stay and play longer!!

With the cooler weather, Sophia has been wearing long sleeve sleepers during our early morning walks! With Sophia's recent discovery of her feet, she is slightly confused where her feet are when they are covered up in the sleeper! The sleeper today had little "bugs" on top of the feet and she just thought that was the coolest thing. Her sleepers have become new "toys!" She tries to sit up in her carseat and play with her feet!!!

Nate will be watching Sophia this weekend as I have to work. At this age, I think fireworks are going to be more of a burden than pleasure with a sleeping baby!! Sure hope she doesn't wake up!!! I am not looking forward to having to clean up the front yard and street from all the firework "remnants!" Our neighbors think it is cool to launch 5 billion fireworks! I am still finding cardboard pieces from last year in our landscaping!!!

In other exciting news, Nate ordered all the parts to build our new computer. The last computer he built lasted 9 years and is still running -- however, is probably on its last leg!! Don't want to risk losing everything!!

Here is a picture of what our bedroom floor looks like. The old computer is still all connected but out of the case on the right (on top of the green lid) and the new computer is being put into the case! Glad he knows what he is doing b/c it is all foreign to me!

The new computer! Love the color of all the cables!! Hope it is up and running soon! For now I will just have to "surf" the net on my small laptop!

Happy 4th!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Why don't ya build me up, build me up butter'nut'....

....don't break my heart!

As many of you saw on my FB status update, I made Sophia more sweet potatoes today as well as a batch of butternut squash! She has really enjoyed acorn squash and yellow squash, so I was anxious to know if she would like this type of squash!! She LOVED it!! It went down just as easy as the acorn squash and 100x better (and faster) than the homemade green beans!! I think I will try peas in 4 days!! :)

In other news, Nate and I have been really working with her and she can sit up on her own for the most part. If she gets too excited and reaches for a toy that is to her side, she falls over! However, she doesn't sit that long on her own without tumbling face first into the floor! :) Good thing we are practicing on carpet huh?

Today she was just in the best mood!! She was laughing and smiling ALL day and evening!! It is so neat to watch her grow and change each day! She knows her name now which is exciting for us! She definitely knows her mama and papa too!! Haven't noticed too much stranger anxiety (YET)! She is really developing her own little personality, and it is so much fun getting to know her better!!! Nate and I tell each other all the time, "She is like a 'real' person now! She responds to us and interacts with us like a 'real' person!" So far (I have to admit) 6 months is my favorite age!!

Time for bed!! Goodnight!


"1/2 Bday Celebration"

Yesterday Nate dropped Sophia and I off at mom and dad's on his way to work (6:30am!)!! Sophia slept for another few hours while I went for a run by myself!! I had the best time!!! The weather was perfect and the tunes were hot! Sarah came down in the morning too!!

We all played with Sophia for a few hours! My friend Sam stopped by to meet Sophia and then she and I talked for an hour while Sophia took her morning nap! It is always great to catch up with old friends that you haven't seen in awhile!! (Thanks Sam!)

Sarah and I headed to the Greenwood Mall while Mom and Dad took Sophia to the park to swing and walk in her new stroller!! Sister and I had a blast shopping! For once, I spent more than Sarah!! I found myself two shirts and Sophia lots of great bargains for next summer!! Summer clearance sales at Children's Place are AWESOME!!!

After the mall, sis and I went to go visit Grandma and Grandpa Kiesel at Greenwood Village! Grandma is healing from a broken pelvis and is about ready to be discharged from the rehab part. Grandpa has been pretty lonely in their apt by himself. It was good to see them both!

We headed back to mom and dad's to find Sophia playing and laughing up a storm with grammie and grampie!! Mom has found some awesome toys at garage sales this summer, and Sophia loves them!! It works out really nice b/c Sophia has a whole new set of toys to play with at their house -- making our toys seem like new when she gets home!!

Upon Nate's arrival, mom and dad had an amazing dinner for us all! As you can see, we even had a little "1/2 bday cake" for Sophia!!

Marsh cake is the best!!! :)

I love this family picture! Doesn't it look like Sophia stuck her hand in the icing and was licking her fingers??? She tried too, but mama didn't let her!! She is going to have to wait for her homemade 1st bday cake in December!! The adults will celebrate with a "big-kid" cake!

Right before we were ready to leave, Aunt Sarah put Sophia's bib on her head. Sophia just thought that was the funniest thing!!! She looks kind of Italian huh? :)

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather!! We are headed out for a walk when missy gets up from her nap!!!

Allyson and Sophia