Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July to everyone!!! Isn't my little onesie the cutest? A gift from Grammie to celebrate the 4th!! It looks adorable with her little navy blue Polo shorts that Aunt Sarah found last summer!!! Always gotta match!!!

Yesterday Sophia went to Grandma and Grandpa Long's house for the first time!! I had a doctors appointment nearby their house so they watched her while I was gone! It is much easier going to the doctor without a child!! :) (Thank you Delores and Whitney!) Sophia and Grandma Long walked outside and met some of their neighbors! She really enjoyed rocking on Grandma Long's glider on the front porch and watching the kids playing softball next door!! After she woke up from her nap, Grandma fed her a bottle while Grandpa kissed her!! It was a short trip, maybe next time she can stay and play longer!!

With the cooler weather, Sophia has been wearing long sleeve sleepers during our early morning walks! With Sophia's recent discovery of her feet, she is slightly confused where her feet are when they are covered up in the sleeper! The sleeper today had little "bugs" on top of the feet and she just thought that was the coolest thing. Her sleepers have become new "toys!" She tries to sit up in her carseat and play with her feet!!!

Nate will be watching Sophia this weekend as I have to work. At this age, I think fireworks are going to be more of a burden than pleasure with a sleeping baby!! Sure hope she doesn't wake up!!! I am not looking forward to having to clean up the front yard and street from all the firework "remnants!" Our neighbors think it is cool to launch 5 billion fireworks! I am still finding cardboard pieces from last year in our landscaping!!!

In other exciting news, Nate ordered all the parts to build our new computer. The last computer he built lasted 9 years and is still running -- however, is probably on its last leg!! Don't want to risk losing everything!!

Here is a picture of what our bedroom floor looks like. The old computer is still all connected but out of the case on the right (on top of the green lid) and the new computer is being put into the case! Glad he knows what he is doing b/c it is all foreign to me!

The new computer! Love the color of all the cables!! Hope it is up and running soon! For now I will just have to "surf" the net on my small laptop!

Happy 4th!


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DEBSIK said...

I need an 8x10 of this picture--PLEASE- I will even buy it- and also a 5x7 and some 4x6- The cutest baby in the whole wide world- I must show her off- PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! Will be anxiously waiting on tuesday