Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Work, work, work....

Yes, we are all still alive!!! :) It has been a crazy past 5 days! So much to say ... where to begin?

Friday Sophia tried some organic unsweetened applesauce and really enjoyed it! Guess that means she will be ready for mom's homemade applesauce in the fall!! I can't wait for Beasley's Orchard to open back up again!!

Also, last Friday evening we went to the Avon Washington Township Park after dinner to kill some time before Sophia bedtime! As I have mentioned before, she loves to swing and watch the other kids playing!! After she was done swinging, we walked around the pond. We found some ducks and went and watched them. She was absolutely mesmerized by their quacking and movements. She watched them like a hawk!

Daddy loves to push Sophia!! Check out her facial expression -- it is priceless! I need a good caption! :) She must have seen something that sparked her interest...or maybe daddy was pushing her too high! :)

The 4th of July was anti-climactic for Nate and I this year! I had to work the weekend at Meijer (9:30am - 6pm both Sat and Sun) so we didn't do anything!! I know it is horrible and selfish to say, but I was THRILLED that it poured all day on Saturday. (1) Since I was working, it didn't make me want to be home and outside and (2) The rain put a damper on many people's pyro-shows at night!! I can't imagine having to get up multiple times during the night to soothe a baby back to sleep after loud fireworks!!! Our sleep training paid off and wouldn't want to have to start over again!!! BUT Alas, Sophia was a trouper and slept through both nights worth of fireworks. Although, I think our neighborhood had LOTS less than last year!!
The weekend was really busy at Meijer too. I filled LOTS of prescriptions -- more than I would have guessed! Quite a few interesting patients to say the least!! Won't go into much detail, but I had 1 young girl admit to me that she was a drug addict and a recovering heroin addict. It was so sad!! She got really feisty with me and started yelling that she wanted her prescriptions right away and was in a big hurry! Anger and yelling doesn't make me work any faster that is for sure!!!
Sunday Grandpa Long came out for a few hours to visit with Nate and Sophia. They went to the park and had a nice walk.
I was thrilled for Monday to come!! Sophia woke up in the BEST mood!! She was smiling, laughing, and just tons of fun! After we played and she ate, she headed to bed for a nice morning nap! After she woke up, we head to BF'ing group... she weighed 16 lbs 6.5 oz this week! She is continuing to grow, although her weight gain is leveling off -- can't gain 1 lb/wk for too many weeks in a row!!
Since my new love is making my own baby food, I am trying to tell lots of mom's how easy it is... plus how much money you can save! Monday afternoon one of Sarah's teacher friends came over for a little "baby food making party!" She brought her food and I used my Beaba! We had a great time!! She ended up taking home 4 full ice cube trays worth of baby food for just $5!
Yesterday I had to work again at Meijer! For some reason, last month I thought it would be OK to pick up some extra shifts this month since they were at the Greenwood store (10 min from mom and dad's house). The Greenwood store is the most convenient when it comes to childcare! Working the weekend, then two shifts the following week is WAY too much! Won't sign up for that again!! Dad, Mom, and Sarah took Sophia swimming at the neighbors house yesterday afternoon! I guess once Sophia got used to the water temperature, she had a great time!! I was bummed and slightly jealous that I couldn't be there!!
Sophia tried peas for the first time last night. My mom said she didn't really like them! She tried to mix them with sweet potatoes -- no luck... with the butternut squash -- no luck ... finally Nate suggested adding a tiny bit of bananas... and she FINALLY ate them!! I guess I am going to have to get tricky to get her to eat them. She loves her orange and yellow veggies, but the greens ones (I have a feeling) are going to be a challenge!! I will just have to keep working with her!!
Today I have so much to catch up on from being gone over the weekend and working yesterday!! My to-do list is just WAY too long!! Part of me wants to rebel and not doing ANY of it... too bad my chores won't disappear!!
Tomorrow is my last shift -- thank heavens!! Grammie is going to take Sophia swimming again!! I think Aunt Sarah is going to come down too!! Hopefully our little daughter will become a fish like her mommy and become a swimmer!!! Then maybe we can convince daddy to put a pool in!!! HaHaHa Yeah right!!!
Until we type again....


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