Thursday, July 16, 2009

An amazing feeling...

Last night we were invited to dinner with some friends from our Sunday School class!! We were so excited about the invitation! There were three couples there, one that is expecting (yeah, we are so excited for them!), one with 2 kids (21 months and almost 4 years old), and our family. We had such a laid back evening! Dinner was simple, yet very tasty! Conversation with great and memorable!

One of the best parts was watching Sophia play with the two kids!! It was such an amazing feeling to watch her sit up all by herself and interact with the other two! They were making her laugh more than Nate and I could ever do (hard belly laughs) ... they would talk to her softly ... pat her on the back ... show her their "moves." She was the happiest little girl last night, and it just made my heart melt!! She is growing up and getting bigger by the day!! I love being home to witness it too!! She has improved by leaps and bounds over the past week alone! The 6 month milestone of sitting up is very monumental in our eyes!! She finally can independently interact with the world without our help!! :)

I will cherish that night and the fond memories that were made forever!!!

Thanks guys!

Allyson and Sophia Sittin' Pretty!

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