Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Why don't ya build me up, build me up butter'nut'....

....don't break my heart!

As many of you saw on my FB status update, I made Sophia more sweet potatoes today as well as a batch of butternut squash! She has really enjoyed acorn squash and yellow squash, so I was anxious to know if she would like this type of squash!! She LOVED it!! It went down just as easy as the acorn squash and 100x better (and faster) than the homemade green beans!! I think I will try peas in 4 days!! :)

In other news, Nate and I have been really working with her and she can sit up on her own for the most part. If she gets too excited and reaches for a toy that is to her side, she falls over! However, she doesn't sit that long on her own without tumbling face first into the floor! :) Good thing we are practicing on carpet huh?

Today she was just in the best mood!! She was laughing and smiling ALL day and evening!! It is so neat to watch her grow and change each day! She knows her name now which is exciting for us! She definitely knows her mama and papa too!! Haven't noticed too much stranger anxiety (YET)! She is really developing her own little personality, and it is so much fun getting to know her better!!! Nate and I tell each other all the time, "She is like a 'real' person now! She responds to us and interacts with us like a 'real' person!" So far (I have to admit) 6 months is my favorite age!!

Time for bed!! Goodnight!


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