Thursday, July 9, 2009

Whew... what a week!!!

As most of you read on the last post, it has been a whirlwind of a week (thus the lack of blogs). For some CRAZY reason I thought it would be good to sign up for some extra shifts for some extra vacation money!! WRONG -- bad idea since I had 4 shifts in 6 days!! Today was the last shift and thankfully it went really fast!!

The day started off a little bit rocky! Typically when I open a shift at the Greenwood store, we get Sophia up at 5:30am, I feed her, we head down to my parents house, Nate drops us off and heads into work (1 hour south of my parents). I usually pitter around and get ready for the day at mom and dad's and they take me to work. Today he dropped us off, unloaded the car, and headed into work. He hadn't even been gone for 2-3 min when I realized that he didn't get the pump out of the backseat of the car!! I tried to call his cell phone, but it wasn't turned on!!! Errrrr!!!! Mom and I got in her car, she took off, and we tried to chase him down, to the interstate. He must have been just enough ahead of us that we couldn't catch him!!! Needless to say I started freaking out -- for those of you that breastfeed or have breastfed -- a woman needs her pump for an 8 hour shift at work!!! I finally got ahold of him when he got to work and he didn't realize that the pump didn't make it into the house -- "it blended in with the stroller!" He was going to have to drive the pump from Columbus to Greenwood, then back to Columbus again, then back to Greenwood to pick us up... that would have been silly b/c that would have been an extra 3 hours in the car (for those of you that don't live near!). So..... what to do??? Well, my parents graciously offered to bring Sophia to me at the pharmacy so I could feed her!! I had to wake her up to feed her before I left and then brought her in around 1pm when the other pharmacist arrived to work!! Sophia was so glad to see her mommy!!! I took her in the back of the pharmacy to the "dairy barn" (as my coworkers call it!). After she was done eating, she got the grand tour of the pharmacy and of course everyone wanted to see and hold her!!

So ... what started off as a horrible morning, turned out to be a wonderful day. It was such a blessing to see my little baby girl at lunch and to feed her!! She was all smiles for mommy!!! Thanks to my mom for the suggestion! Way to turn a lemon into lemonade!!!

I am excited to have lots of days off until the next shift I signed up to work!!! Yipee!!

PS> Update on the peas -- She figured out that there were peas with the sweet potatoes so that didn't work!! I was shocked b/c she LOVES sweet potatoes! I was able to mask the taste of them in some organic unsweetened applesauce! Oh the joys of getting her to eat "greens!" Way till I try spinach! Hum... could be interesting!

Until we type again!


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