Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"1/2 Bday Celebration"

Yesterday Nate dropped Sophia and I off at mom and dad's on his way to work (6:30am!)!! Sophia slept for another few hours while I went for a run by myself!! I had the best time!!! The weather was perfect and the tunes were hot! Sarah came down in the morning too!!

We all played with Sophia for a few hours! My friend Sam stopped by to meet Sophia and then she and I talked for an hour while Sophia took her morning nap! It is always great to catch up with old friends that you haven't seen in awhile!! (Thanks Sam!)

Sarah and I headed to the Greenwood Mall while Mom and Dad took Sophia to the park to swing and walk in her new stroller!! Sister and I had a blast shopping! For once, I spent more than Sarah!! I found myself two shirts and Sophia lots of great bargains for next summer!! Summer clearance sales at Children's Place are AWESOME!!!

After the mall, sis and I went to go visit Grandma and Grandpa Kiesel at Greenwood Village! Grandma is healing from a broken pelvis and is about ready to be discharged from the rehab part. Grandpa has been pretty lonely in their apt by himself. It was good to see them both!

We headed back to mom and dad's to find Sophia playing and laughing up a storm with grammie and grampie!! Mom has found some awesome toys at garage sales this summer, and Sophia loves them!! It works out really nice b/c Sophia has a whole new set of toys to play with at their house -- making our toys seem like new when she gets home!!

Upon Nate's arrival, mom and dad had an amazing dinner for us all! As you can see, we even had a little "1/2 bday cake" for Sophia!!

Marsh cake is the best!!! :)

I love this family picture! Doesn't it look like Sophia stuck her hand in the icing and was licking her fingers??? She tried too, but mama didn't let her!! She is going to have to wait for her homemade 1st bday cake in December!! The adults will celebrate with a "big-kid" cake!

Right before we were ready to leave, Aunt Sarah put Sophia's bib on her head. Sophia just thought that was the funniest thing!!! She looks kind of Italian huh? :)

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather!! We are headed out for a walk when missy gets up from her nap!!!

Allyson and Sophia

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DEBSIK said...

Those are great- and the family picture definitely looks like she took a lick- Cant wait to see her with her first birthday cake