Monday, June 29, 2009

Halfway to 1 year!!!

Happy 6 month birthday to Sophia!!! I can't believe how fast the time has gone!!! Don't get me wrong, I love her growing, getting older, and her ability to do more things and interact more with the family!!!

So much has happened since I last blogged! Hope you have time for a long post with lots of pictures!!!

Thursday we went over to Michelle White's house for a playdate with her daughter Lila Jane! Lila was born 6 days before Sophia!! They are destined to be good friends! :) As you can see, they were sharing toys in the picture below!! Although, Lila is crawling now and liked to come over and get Sophia's toys!! :) Sophia didn't mind giving them up -- at least for now till she learns to "crawl back" to get them!!

Sarah said the caption should be, "Whatcha talkin' bout mama?"

Aren't they so cute? Michelle and I think so....

Thursday afternoon (after the playdate and a nap), Aunt Sarah came over to visit and play!! She does a good job of wearing Sophia out so she sleeps well!! :) We were reading books with Sophia, but as you can see, she was doing more "chewing" than reading!

On Friday Sophia tried green beans for the first time. They weren't her favorite, but at least she didn't spit them out. When I combined them with her sweet potatoes, she didn't mind them at all! :) Go figure right? These were fresh green beans that I made up in the Beaba babycooker. I know fresh green beans have a much stronger taste than canned or frozen green beans. We might have to try those at another point in time... right now we are just trying to get through 8 more cubes of the green beans we have! It figures that something "common" like green beans she didn't like as much as all the other "odd" veggies!!

Saturday Apryl and I drove up to Chicago and back for Leslie's shower! We left the house at 8:15am and got home at 8:30pm! We had a great time talking without kiddos in the backseat!! For once the construction and traffic weren't bad! Hard to believe for Chicago!! Leslie's shower was a blast!! She loves to scrapbook so her sister had the shower at Archiver's. We all sat in tables of 4 and working on a specific spread. My table designed a spread for the "First doctor's appt." The food was awesome and Leslie got lots of great stuff for baby Adelynn!! Can't wait for Sophia and Olivia to meet their new playmate!! Now we just have to convince Leslie and Chad to move back to Indy!! :)

Since I was gone all day Saturday, Nate and Sophia spent the day together! They went to Best Buy and Lowes in b/w naps to look around! Nate said Sophia really enjoyed looking at all the big TV screens in Best Buy!! In the evening, Nate took her to the Washington Township Park Rib Fest down the street from our house!! They both had a nice time!! No ribs for Sophia this year! :) She got to swing and people watch (which she is REALLY good at!)!

Sunday was the normal Sunday School and church routine! The weather in Indy was just awesome yesterday!! In B/W naps we got outside to do some yardwork while Sophia sat in her stroller and played! It isn't bad pulling weeds with cooler temps and a breeze!!! After her afternoon nap and solids, we headed over to the Avon Park to walk and swing!! Below you will find some pictures of our adventure!

I introduced the famous "sippy cup" on Friday! She has done awesome with it!! Although, she needs to learn to grab it with both handles to bring it to her mouth! I am sure in the next few weeks she will figure that out!! She loves ice cold water -- so that is the treat that goes into her sippy cup these days!!

Nate and Sophia both swinging!! She loved looking over at him and watching him swing!!

I had a nice time pushing her! We had to put her in the swing backwards to avoid the sun in her eyes!! Good thing she is small enough that it still works that way!! :)

An update on sleep training boot camp: Night's #3 and #4 were a bit rough, but we survived! Nights #5 and # 6 were much better -- she slept 11 hours and 10 hours straight! I am not counting this as success yet -- give it three weeks in a row and I might consider it a success!!

We have been busy as you can tell!!!

Hope you enjoyed the post and pictures!! Not sure what food we will try next.... my choices are butternut squash or peas!! Hum.... what to make???

Allyson and Sophia

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DEBSIK said...

I love the blog- and oh the pictures are so sweet- Grammie has a sippy cup just like that at her house for you Sophia- Happy Birthday to my big girl- I cant believe 6 months have gone by so fast.
Looking forward to our play and swim day tomorrow!