Monday, June 1, 2009


Our weekly trip to the Breastfeeding Support Group brought us great news: Our little baby isn't so little anymore! She weighed 15 lbs 8.5 oz. This is up from 14 lbs 3.5 oz two weeks ago!! I knew she was getting bigger, but had no idea she would gain 1 1/4 lbs in two weeks!!

She continues to grow in length too b/c her little feet are hanging over the carseat. I have to start being really careful that I don't catch her toes when I swing her carseat into its base!! I need a new method to put her carseat in its base without killing my back. She is getting so heavy these days!! (Never thought I would say that the way things started out!)

We had a nice weekend. Saturday we went with Apryl and Olivia to a few garage sales in a really nice neighborhood in Avon. We were both hoping to find some adorable name-brand clothes at bargain deals...but no dice! We both did find a little bargain for our husbands!

Saturday evening we went to Aunt Sarah's annual cookout. Sophia LOVED all the attention!! She was a very good girl and enjoyed watching everyone!

Yesterday we had a nice time at church. She got to see her little friends in service that will someday be in her kiddy Sunday School class. Sophia always seems to enjoy watching other little babies and little kids!! Last evening, Nate and I took Sophia on a run before dinner!! She just "talked" up a storm!! When we got home, she ate a cube of homemade rice cereal. Next, I gave her a cube of avocado and she didn't seem to care for it as much as last time .... so I mixed a tiny tiny bit of bananas with it and she LOVED the combo!! I found a recipe on for banana-cado! Guess babies really do love it!!! Personally I find it strange!! Whatever it takes for her to eat her "brain food," I am willing to do!! Nate is ready to feed her homemade guacamole ... I told him we have to wait a few months for that! :)

Until we type again!
Allyson and Sophia

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