Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend of Fun with Daddy!

I worked this past weekend at Meijer, so Sophia and Nate were able to spend some quality time together!!! Thank heavens it was a nice weekend, and they were able to get outside!! Nate took Sophia to the Washington Township Park in Avon. They just renovated the kids playground area and it is top of the line! Our tax dollars to use I guess!!! Here are a few pictures Nate took during their weekend together!!

Next summer she will probably be climbing up on this playset. He said she LOVED watching all the other kids play on the playground!

Wow, she looks kind of small huh?? :)

This was taken on the Historic Bridge next to the park. Nate said Sophia was able to see ducks up close and personal for the first time this weekend.

Sounds like I missed out on some fun times, but I sure enjoyed the 20 hours of adult contact and conversation!!

Today we went to our BF'ing group and Sophia weighed 15 lbs 15.5 oz. Almost 16 lbs!! She is getting to be so big!!

Allyson and Sophia!


Erin A. said...

After you left the hospital today Dr. S was like "Erin you better not be planning on taking up those kind of work hours." :) If only...

Debbie said...

Where are all those smiles that we usually see! I think she is missing her mommy!!!

Steffany said...

aw, she looks so cute in the big swing!

Erin P said...

the swing pic is hilarious - go Nate!