Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sleep training boot camp, night #2 RECAP

Last night was much better!! Thank heavens!! She had a great day yesterday of naps and playing! She was in bed by 7:15pm... woke up about 2:41am (isn't that like an anal type-A mother to look at the digital clock and remember the exact minute??)... she fussed for only 10-15 minutes, lots softer than the previous night... and went back to sleep until 5:23am!! Yipee!!! (I know, don't get my hopes up for night #3, right??)

Also I started thinking about some of our problem: her moving around and ending up with her head against the wooden slats. I rolled up some cloth diaper burp rags and tucked them in b/w the crib mattress and the slat to create a little 1 inch of padding! I am thinking that might have helped last night too!!

Although, when I went in to get her this morning she was turned around 180 degrees. I have no idea how that child turned herself ALL the way around in the middle of the crib!!! It is nights like last night that I would love to have a little video camera in there so I can see the movement!! Probably worth some good laughs too!

Thanks to everyone for their encouragement and words of wisdom! I appreciate them all!!!

More updates on Sleep training boot camp to come...


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