Saturday, June 6, 2009

Reading with daddy

Nate and Sophia always have fun father-daughter time reading books. She LOVES the animal book that Abby got for her!!! It has great big animal pictures and lots of bright colors!!! We always make the animal sounds with each page and she just gets a kick out of that!! She even likes to help turn the page....although lots of times she tries to close the book!!! Silly girl!!

Focusing really hard.....

Yesterday we tried a new food: acorn squash. She LOVED it!!! I got one at Meijer for $1.20, cut it up, cooked it in my new babyfood maker (WHICH I LOVE!!), and scooped it into my babyfood freezing trays... total time <15 minutes from start to finish -- end result = 12 servings/cubes of acorn squash for $1.20. Talk about some serious cash being saved!!!!

This morning I made some organic yellow squash and zucchini to freeze, and we will try each one over the next few weeks!!!

I know everyone probably thinks making your own baby food would take forever, but seriously folks... this babyfood maker is THE BOMB!!! All you do is cut up your food, steam for 7-10 minutes, blend it up which takes <1 minute, pour in your freezing trays, and you are done!!!

Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend!!!!

Allyson and Sophia

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Anonymous said...

You're starting to convince me that making your own baby food is cool. I may try it someday!