Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Little Ladybug!"

After a crazy day yesterday, we decided to have a somewhat "lazy" day today!! The morning weather report warned of PM storms, so I figured we should probably get our walk in early!! After walking for an hour this morning, we were both VERY HOT!! I forgot to bring a bottle with water in it for Sophia, so I let her drink out of my water bottle! I have to admit she does an excellent job!! I think I might get out her sippy cups soon for practice. Much easier to cart around than a bottle!!

After her morning nap, Sophia was excited to play in her favorite exersaucer!! Have I said how much she LOVES this toy?? I put it in front of our sliding glass door in the kitchen so she can see outside! She loves watching the trees blow in the wind, the cars drive by, the birds in the air... She is a very happy camper!!

I have a feeling this little blue arch piece is going to get broken off sooner or later... she pulls on it so hard! Hope it is "Sophia-proof!"

We also got out her Bumbo tray!! (Thanks Erin A and MMG clan!) This wa such a great creation!! I am able to put books, toys, etc on the tray for her to play with!! Although, she loves dropping them off to the side!!

"Little Ladybug!" Sophia received one of THE CUTEST OUTFITS EVER in the mail today!! It came from one of the doctor's wives that I used to work for!!! She has a grandaughter that is always dressed in such adorable clothes! She has killer taste!! She got it at Jack and Jill Children's Shoppe in Zionsville. I think I might just have to make a trip to Zionsville this fall and check things out!!! How adorable!!! I just LOVE IT!!! She will be wearing it tomorrow to Grammie and Grampie Kiesel's house!!!

That is all the news on the Long front!!

Enjoy this HOT weather!!
Allyson and Sophia

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