Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mmmm Mangos

Since I last blogged, Sophia has tried two more foods: Zucchini and Mango. She loved them both!! I was actually pretty surprised that she liked the zucchini since it has a pretty strong taste. Although, I think her Acorn Squash is her favorite veggie thus far! I bet she will like butternut squash too!! Haven't tried it yet. It is on my list of foods to purchase to cook up and prepare!! Sometime I will get to the green beans and peas!

Here is a little video I shot while I was feeding her the mango's for the first time. They cooked up really nice in my Beaba Babycook.

When Nate and I were up at Trader Joes, I found some organic sweet potatoes, so I made up 12 cubes of those. They are in the freezer as we speak. I will try those in 3-4 days!! Sure hope she likes them since we have 3 lbs of potatoes!! Interestingly, organic potatoes are lots smaller than normal potatoes. :) Too bad you can't just buy 1 or 2. Oh well, Nate loves them too!!

Hope you enjoyed!

Allyson and Sophia


Erin A. said...

Mmmmm Mangos! Just be careful with doing too much in one setting. When we were in the Philippines we learned that parents there use mangos for the same reason that we might use prunes. :) One of the guys in our group thought he caught an intestinal bug until realizing that it was just mango over indulgence!

the other Erin said...

I've gotten some kind of organic triple sweet potato and yam blend at Trader Joes. I think it's not more than a pound, shrink wrapped. Don't know if it's seasonal or not, but you might look for that. They demo-ed them in the store steamed with a maple syrup-butter sauce. Yum!