Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

We had a wonderful Father's Day this year celebrating Nate's FIRST one with baby in tow!! :)
We had my parents over for a brunch. Sophia slept the whole time they were there -- until my mom begged to get her up! I figured she could go in there after Sophia slept 2.5 hours for her nap! (She was tired from church and Sunday School!) When mom went in there, she was already awake with her neck craned up looking around!! Mom, Dad, and Aunt Sarah were all on the floor playing with Sophia. She just loves it when you get down with her and play with her! (My) Grandpa Kiesel was watching from the couch -- although he couldn't wait to get his hands on her and give her some lovin'!! Check out the precious video below of Grandpa Kiesel singing to Sophia!! It was so special to watch and brought much joy to my heart to see his love for his 6th great-grandchild, in the midst of all his health/memory problems! It will be a video we cherish and show Sophia when she is older!!!

After my parents left, Nate's parents arrived. They got to watch Sophia eat her solids! She made some pretty cute green avocado faces for them! :) We were going to go on a walk, but it started raining!! We all gathered in the living room and played with Sophia! We had some yummy ice cream, to which Sophia was checking my bowl out.... by the look on her face, I could tell she wanted some!! Not yet baby girl!!

Here are some pictures from the day....

"I am ALMOST sitting up all by myself!" Just need a little help!

Waving at Grampie Kiesel while he takes my picture!!! I am used to my picture being taken!!

Sophia and Great-Grandpa Kiesel (He's 90!)

Sophia and her daddy!! She loves when her daddy holds her!

Nate's Dad, Nate, and little princess!

The video that will bless your heart..... ENJOY!

Allyson and Sophia


Anonymous said...

that is so incredibly sweet and made me cry a little. that is going to be an awesome video to have in the future. good for you to have such great memories on video! erz

Amber said...

Aww...that's fantastic!! What a great moment to have captured on video!