Thursday, July 23, 2009

Going APE for pictures!

I can't believe how quickly the summer has gone!!! Sophia and I are sad that Aunt Sarah has to go back to school so soon!! Plus some of our other walking buddies that are teachers -- we will miss them too!!!

It has been a bit lonely around the Long household during the day lately! Aunt Sarah left yesterday for a Carribean Cruise with her teacher friends! We miss her already!! Also, our dear friend Apryl (and Olivia) left yesterday for a family vacation to FL! It stinks not having my regular walking buddies around!!! Our run/walk this morning was awful quiet!!!

So, what is a mom to do while her princess sleeps? This mom likes to catch up on housework, but not before her blogging and FB time!! :)

Here is a picture of our weekly banana stock!!! Yes, if you count them you will find #25 of them! This will barely make it till next Monday's grocery shopping day!! I love Meijer b/c I can always find some "ready to eat ones" and some "save for the end of the week green ones!" Sophia and her daddy go "APE" for bananas!!!

Our neighbors Jim and Sandy gave Sophia this Radio Flyer red wagon on Sunday! Their grandkids have outgrown it now! We have taken it around the block 2x now and she just has a blast riding in it!! We are so appreciative for this most generous gift!!! When Sophia's friend Olivia comes over next time, we will have to take both girls in the wagon!! I know Sophia will LOVE that!

Sophia and her daddy always spend some quality time together when Nate gets home from work after we eat dinner!! She loves being an "airplane" on daddy's legs!!! I think she tries to tell him, "Higher daddy, higher!"

She also thinks it is funny to sit on his neck! Sometimes she lets a little toot out when she gets really excited! It is quite funny!

Another gift from Jim and Sandy: Leap frog ABC learning car (not sure exactly what its name is!) She loves driving this toy! Although the voice on the toy is getting a bit annoying for mommy!!

Those are a few pictures from our past week! Hope you enjoy!!!

Have a great weekend! Wonder if it will ever be warm enough again to go swimming?


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