Monday, January 24, 2011

A few pictures for you ...

I know I haven't been blogging much!  Honestly, the January weather leaves little to be desired plus I have been a busy busy woman since Thanksgiving!  

A few things keeping me busy ...

My one and only favorite sister is PREGO and due in 5 weeks!  Yipee!  Sophia is really excited to meet Baby Hannah!!  Here is a good pic of sis and I at Christmas!!!  She of course is way fashionable as a prego-girl!!  I never was that fashionable!!

I also just threw sissy a baby shower a few weeks ago so that took lots of my time and planning!!

 MamaD101 (aka my mom) and I at Christmas .... she had an amazingly tasty spread at Christmas and even worked 12 hours the night before delivering babies at the hospital!  (She is an OB nurse!)

Trying to find things to do with this little one who is always full of energy!!! :)  We just had her birthday party a few weeks ago!  Can't believe she is already two!!

Riding on her friend Isaiah's horse! 

All sleepy on the way home from Dayton for the Long family Christmas!

Honestly, I haven't had the camera out for the past few weeks thus minimal pictures!  Without good pictures, sometimes I lack the motivation to blog!!!

Hopefully you can understand!  I promise ... more blogs to come over the next month, but Jan might be a little slow!!!  

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