Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Visiting Columbus

Hi everyone!!! Aren't I just too cute? See my toes are curled? They are always curled!! Just like mommy did as a baby!!!

We started off today on an excellent note. Sophia slept from 7:45pm last night to 7am today!! I felt so rested this morning without having my sleep interrupted! This is unheard of in our house and let's hope it continues since she will be 5 months old on Friday!!!

Sophia finally got to meet all of daddy's coworkers today!! We made a trip down south!! Our first stop was to visit Erin, the boys, and precious baby Laurel!! We had a nice time visiting! It was too short though, always need more time together!! Laurel is such a sweetie!! She has got the best baby hair in the world!!

Next stop was Cummins Mid Range Control building in downtown Columbus!! We picked up daddy and headed to lunch. One of Nate's coworkers met us for lunch and we had a blast talking!! Sophia was the hit of Penn Station!! She was hamming it up for all the ladies eating lunch!! At the end of lunch, Nate had Sophia sitting on the table with her legs dangling down and all of a sudden we heard some major rumbles in the jungle if you know what I mean!! It was hilarious!! Sure hope they washed that table after we left!!! After lunch we headed up to Nate's floor and Sophia got to meet Nate's coworkers! She was exhausted by this point in the game that she was very somber. Kind of acted like she was in a transe.... so his poor coworkers didn't get to see her cute smile!!! But they noticed her big beautiful eyes!!!

We are pulling for another awesome night of sleep!!!


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Amanda said...

how fun! hooray for the great night of sleep last night...definitely hoping it is the beginning of a trend. i will never forget those GREAT sleep feel like a million bucks in the morning.

to answer your MOPS question...i go to the one at college park, since that is where we go to church. it is a bit of a drive, but since thats where we do church, it works to be fellowshiping with the women there. i know there is one in brownsburg at messiah lutheran church though...but don't know much about it.