Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bananas... YUM YUM

Yesterday at Sophia's 4 month check-up we were given the OK to start solid foods. After talking with the doctor and getting her approval, we decided to skip cereal and start on "real" food. Since Nate is a monkey and LOVES his bananas, we decided that bananas would be the first food to try! The doctor advised us to wait 2-3 days before introducing a different food. Her first veggie will be avocado due to the immense amounts of healthy fats which will help her brain development!! :)

Sophia did pretty well for the first time. I mashed up an 1/8 of a banana with a little bit of water. As expected she wanted to push the food out of her mouth with her tongue. She swallowed quite a few bites eventually... but I think most of it ended up on her outfit as you will see below! We will keep trying bananas until she gets the hang of swallowing with each bite!!

Here are a few pictures that should put a smile on your face!

"Hum... not sure what I think... it is fairly sweet like mommy's milk!"

"Ok, this isn't too bad!! I might smile a little bit!"

"Check out my face and my outfit! I think most of my bananas ended up there instead of my tummy!"

Here is a cute little video of our first experience!

In other news my babycook babyfood maker came in the mail today!! YIPEE!! I can't wait to start making Sophia's babyfood!! Anyone want to come over and have a babyfood making party? This should be the next hot trend for freezer meals!! :)

Happy "babycook-ing"

Allyson and Sophia

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