Monday, May 18, 2009

Super Daddy!

This past weekend I worked at Meijer and Nate was in charge of Sophia!! He did an awesome job!! I think she really enjoyed her "daddy and me" time!!! It was really good for me to work both days, but I was so thankful to be done and to be home with my baby!! I think working just a few shifts/month makes me more appreciative of my time at home with Sophia and also makes me realize the blessing of our little daughter!!!

I think the hardest thing about being "Super Daddy" all weekend was finding stuff to do with her! He said he felt like he kept running out of options!! They took two runs on the Plainfield Trails, played outside, danced to TobyMac, read books, ate bananas together, and played with lots of toys!!! Saturday morning she didn't want to go to sleep for her morning nap and "fought" it for at least 30 minutes.... I told Nate she was just protesting b/c she wanted her mommy!!

Overall, things went well for the both of us! Although, I think Nate was happy to go back to work today!

We went to our weekly BF group today and little Sophia was 14 lbs 3.5 oz! That is a 8.5 oz gain from last week!! I was shocked when I saw the scales b/c I stopped my Reglan last week! I needed a break from taking it and thought for sure my supply would decrease, but it must not have!! YIPEE!! Such a comforting feeling!!!

Here are a few pictures of our time on the deck last Friday!! She was such a ham that afternoon! Isn't her hat adorable? Still a little too big, but she will grow into it... remember, her head is already in the 90%! Ha!

"I am starting to put everything I can get ahold of in my mouth! For some reason though I can't figure out how to suck on a pacifier!"

We have an awesome week to look forward to in terms of the weather!!! Can't wait to get out and do daily walks with Sophia!! Nate has to travel for work this week, so that means lots of mommy and Sophia time!!! Good thing my parents are helping me out and giving me a break some!!!

Until we "type" again...

Allyson and Sophia

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DEBSIK said...

Yeah for Super Daddy! We all knew he had it in him!

My heart is melting with those adorable pictures! Cant wait to spend lots of Grammie time with her this week!