Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Broke the 13 lb mark!

Greetings!!! We bring you good news from the Avon homefront!!! Sophia broke the 13 lb mark! She weighed 13 lbs 2 oz yesterday at our BF group!! I was thrilled. She is up from 12 lbs 11.5 oz last week!!! We have her 4 month check up next Monday, so Dr Gill should be thrilled!! She won't recognize my little princess b/c she is getting so big!! Although I find it hilarious lots of her friends that are younger than her hit the 13 lb mark a LONG time ago!! Oh well, she is still my little long and skinny baby!!! Just like her daddy!!

"I am getting ready to roll over!!"

"This is still my favorite toy, hands down! I can pull down the bee all by myself now!! Sometimes I don't realize my power and when the toy makes it's noise, I startle myself!"

Sunday Sophia came outside with mommy and daddy and watched us pull weeds. At the end of the evening, we tried to have a photoshoot b/c the lightening was awesome, but Sophia was pretty tired and ready for bed!! We didn't get that many great shots!

"I am reaching for one of my toys that daddy has in his hands!!"

Hope everyone has a wonderful day today, enjoy the beautiful weather (if you are in Indy!)

Allyson and Sophia

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