Friday, May 8, 2009

New fun toys!

Wednesday I decided to pull out Stage 2 of our Exersaucer Triple Fun: the actual exersaucer!! Stage 1 (her arch with the 3 toys dangling) has been our little "miracle" toy!! It will keep her occupied for a long time! She loves watching the lights, hearing the sounds, and batting at the toys! My parents were up for my birthday so the three of us tackled the assembly!! I think a new rule needs to be in place for toy companys such as Evenflo ... the instruction manual has to be 3 pages or less... 17+ pages is WAY too many for a kids toy!!! Give me a break!! After what seemed like an hour or two, we had the finished product!! Sophia had her first glimpse at it with Grammie and Grampie while Nate and I were out to dinner! They said her eyes were "quarter" sized the whole time and she just looked around at everything!! The past two mornings I have put her in it and she LOVES it! She is able to turn on the lights and music herself! She is so much more interactive these days and it is so neat to see!! Since the seat is HUGE and she is SMALL, I have to put blankets in front and back of her so she doesn't fall over!! This new toy should keep her mind working for hours on end!! Hopefully itCheck out the video below!

She also has been trying to hold her bottle on her own! She loves to have control of it... however, her hands get tired pretty quick and she ends up dropping it!! She has yet to hold it for a full feeding!!

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend and enjoys the weather! It is supposed to be another great weekend here in Indy!!

Allyson and Sophia

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Whitney and Jake said...

Those exersaucers are so great! And, hey, be glad that she is at least trying to hold the bottle. Caden REFUSED to even touch his bottle until he was almost a year old (just in time to switch to sippy cups)!