Thursday, January 1, 2009

Going home...

Greetings everyone!! This is Sophia Grace! We made it home!! Mommy rode in the back seat of the car with me. Daddy had a nice warm car waiting for me and mommy at the hospital front entrance. It is a good thing b/c it was very chilly and windy outside. Wouldn't want to catch a cold on day #3 of my life!! I really enjoyed my car ride home. Didn't even open my eyes!! When we got home, there was a giant wooden stork in the yard to welcome us!!! It was 100x bigger than me. Now all the neighbors know they have a new addition to the neighborhood! I could fit in the storks beak though!!

Aunt Sarah brought mommy and daddy some supper last night!! She wasn't feeling so well, so she couldn't stay and play with me. I was sad that she had to leave!!

I slept pretty well in mommy and daddy's room last night. We all went to bed about 9:30pm last night, but I woke mommy up just in time for the ball to drop so I could eat!! She kept falling asleep while she was trying to feed me!!! I thought I would go easy on mom and dad last night and give them some good sleep stretches! Who knows what I might do tonight!!!

Daddy is playing with me right now as mommy is trying to catch up on her emails and updating her friends!!

Grandma and Grandpa Long might come over and see me today!! I hope they do b/c I love them!! I hope Grandpa brings his autoharp to play for me. Daddy tells me he is very good!!

Well, it is time for me to play again! Here are two of daddy's favorite pictures of me before I left the hospital!!


Erin A. said...

She's so beautiful! I can't wait to see her in person! (Glad to know I wasn't the only one in bed last night at 9:30. Although you had a better excuse. :)

Lindsey Keesling said...

Congrats Allyson and Nate! She is adorable!!!! I can't believe she was overdue, I remember during my rotation (5 months of pregnancy I think..) you were ready to go for it then! :) I wish you all nothing but happiness (and some sleep!) I'm so glad I checked in your blog! Talk to you soon!!!
(ps I took a job w/ Target!)