Wednesday, January 21, 2009


My first "REAL" bath!

Once mommy started pouring warm water on me, I loved it!! Aren't I so cute?

I am looking at daddy videotape me! I also decided that I wanted to drink the water... so my tongue started moving and I tried to get the water until mommy moved me up so I couldn't get to it!

Hold me up mommy b/c I keep sliding down!

On Sunday, Jan 18th we had Baby Dedication at our church, Plainfield Christian Church. We had a really nice time. Grandma and Grandpa Long (seen below), Grammie and Grampie Kiesel, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Brandon were all there to watch her be dedicated to the Lord. We had a wonderful brunch afterwards at the church. Although, Miss Sophia was off her normal Sunday schedule and had a few meltdowns, so we had to leave so she could come home and eat!! She was very happy to be back on a schedule the rest of the evening! Mommy was too!!

Daddy tried a breast milk bottle for the first time tonight since she is almost 4 weeks old. I figured it would probably be a good idea so that mommy can be free to run errands and leave Sophia with daddy at times without him feeling left helpless without a way to feed her. The first time was a disaster and she had a meltdown and wouldn't take it. Nevertheless, we tried it again later in the evening, and she did well and sucked down the 2oz. I was really nervous b/c she still won't take a pacifier! Here is hoping she will take a pacifier now that she conquered her first bottle!

Here is daddy trying my first bottle. I am really trying hard to like it... but it just isn't the same as mommy's boob!!

Allyson and Sophia


Apryl said...

Adorable pictures! She seems pretty content with her first bath. I'm glad the bottle was successful on try two. You're off to a good start and so is Daddy! I wouldn't worry too much if she doesn't take a pacifier. It's just a habit you have to break later anyway!

DEBSIK said...

Absolutely darling! Great picture with Grandrents Long- Aunt Sarah looked just like Sophie when she first tried a bottle- total meltdown- I think the 2 of them are like 2 peas in a pod- Sophie Loves her Aunt Sarah-
Hope Sophie takes after her mommy when it comes to swimming!

erin p said...

sounds like you got past it, but Deacon wouldn't take a bottle unless I was out of the room when we first tried...but when I was totally gone, no problem!

The Speedway Berrys said...

Allyson -
Congratulations on a beautiful baby...and it sounds like everything is going great. She's growing like a weed - and even though I haven't met you, I feel like I know you, through your mom!
Congrats on continued successful breastfeeding - it is undeniably the most incredible thing you can do for her...and its benefits are immeasurable on every level. Keep doing exactly what you're doing - because obviously it's working!!
Darla Berry CNM