Thursday, January 29, 2009

Let It Snow...

Well, as many of you know we had over 12 inches of snow yesterday! Nate and I sure picked a good time to not get gas for the snow blower!!
Around 1pm, Nate headed out with a single shovel to conquer 12 inches of snow that covered our 3 car driveway! After getting a few strips cleared, it was beginning to look like this was going to be an all day job!! However, our trusty neighbor Fiesel and his CAT appeared to save the day!! Please note: This is the only time the CAT logo is allowed on our property (Nate works at Cummins and CAT is their #1 rival).

See the pictures below!! It was a monster plow!!

Thank heavens for AWESOME neighbors!! What a HUGE blessing for us!!

Allyson and Sophia


Apryl said...

So we didn't have anyone with something that large, but our neighbors all teamed together to conquer driveways and sidewalks with shovel and snowblowers alike. Greg was breaking his back until two of our wonderful snowblower- owning neighbors showed up to help! We too are thankful for neighbors!

DEBSIK said...

Thank heavens for Fiesel! You guys wouldnt have gotten out for months-Maybe a trip to the gas station for snow-blower gas soon----huh!

If you lived closer, dad could have come over and played in your driveway like he did all our neighbors- He loves his snow-blower- also gives him a chance to socialize with the neighbors