Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lots of "Firsts"

Yesterday was a day of many "firsts." The most exciting first for this mommy was the fact she was able to get back into her OWN jeans!! I hadn't tried a pair on until yesterday when we were getting ready to go to the doctor. They fit!! A little snug in the belly where my ab muscles are still retracting, but they fit!!!! I was thrilled. Talk about a self-confidence/esteem booster!!

Sophia and daddy had their first workout together yesterday morning. Daddy laid on the ground and lifted weights and Sophia was there for moral support. She likes laying on the ground with daddy.

Sophia had her first visit to the doctor yesterday. Everything checked out A-OK. She is still 7lbs 4 oz, which is awesome and the doctor was pleased with that! Basically we have a long, skinny child on our hands!! Probably has Nate's frame -- which is awesome for her!! :) Below you will find some pictures that daddy took at the doctor's office.

The nurse had us get her down to just a dry diaper. The second picture is on the way to the dry diaper... however, when we got the dirty diaper off and starting putting the dry diaper on, Sophia started peeing all over the exam table. She must have a thing with getting on the scales b/c each time in the hospital they weighed her, she peed all over their scales. She didn't have a diaper on those times either!! Poor thing -- must be the exposure to the cold!!

The last picture above is Sophia snoozin' after the doctor's appt on our way to Target! Daddy and mommy had a Target GC that was burning a hole in our pocket to spend. Mommy found Sophia two cute clearanced Newborn outfits. She is swimming in her 0-3 month clothes!!

Today we hope to make a venture out to Babies R Us for some returns and to look around. Also, we need to make our monthly Trader Joe's run!!

One Random thought --- and this will be very random... Why are cashiers at the grocery stores so mean to bananas? Even though they have a thick peeling, don't you think they should be nicer and handle with more care???? We buy LOTS of bananas every week (I am talking 4 big bunches) and everytime I spend at least 2-3 minutes in search of bananas with the perfect color and without brown spots or bruises... when the cashier weighs them she plops them all on the scale then she pretty much tosses them into a bag... I want to scream... "Please be gentle with my bananas... when you are so gruff/harsh you are bruising them and they taste bad...." Ok, so that is my little vent for the day. I have been meaning to comment about that for months and keep forgetting... what better time than now...

Allyson and Sophia

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Erin A. said...

I completely understand about the bananas! I hate when they just drop them in the bag! Be careful if you go out today! The roads were already getting bad when I came in to work this morning.