Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Answers and Updates

First things first... This mama went to the doctor yesterday and everything is healing nicely and I got a clean slate! Just gotta get my last 7-8 lbs off. I asked the doctor when I can start lifting weights again (b/c you know I have already broken rule #1 and was at the gym at 1.5 weeks post-op). She just looked at me and smiled... I take it not too many people ask her that question! Next week I can start lifting again and at week 6, I can start running again. Good thing since I am doing the Mini this year!! Should be interesting, needless to say!

Also, Sophia weighed 8lbs! (Remember she was born at 7lbs 8 oz, then dropped to 6lbs 15 oz, then back up to 7lbs 4 oz at week 1) Yipee!!! The doctor said her weight is PERFECT and that means she isn't getting TOO MUCH food or TOO LITTLE. This mama is still doing her job correctly in terms of feeding!! Rock On!!!

Now to the answers of the quiz. I was sad to see we only had 1 star pupil that answered the questions... I know most of you probably took the quiz in your head!!

1. You CAN'T nurse too often--you CAN nurse too little. TRUE

2. Breastfed babies should have at least 5-6+ wet diapers every 24 hours. TRUE

3. Most newborns need to nurse 8 - 12+ times per day (24 hours). TRUE

4. Common growth spurt times in the early weeks are the first few days at home, 7 - 10 days, 2 - 3 weeks and 4 - 6 weeks. TRUE

5. From 0-4 months, a typical breastfed baby should gain 8-10 ounces per week FALSE (5-7 oz)

6. The average breastfed baby doubles birth weight by 2 months. FALSE (3-4 months)

7. By one year, the typical breastfed baby will increase birth length by 50% and head circumference by 33%. TRUE

8. A mom's milk (aka breastmilk) will only stay in a newborns stomach for about 20-25 minutes. TRUE

So, how many did you get correct? You can leave your score on the blog comment section!!

Stay tuned for pictures from Sophia's first "REAL" bath from last Saturday night!!

Allyson and Sophia


Anonymous said...

Bummer! I only got 6 out of 8 correct. I guess 75% is still technically passing, but I will probably need to do some studying before it's our turn for the "practical exam". :)

Anonymous said...

I agree - I figured they were all correct, but I tend to think anything very specific is probably a true statement during tests. I've got plenty of time to study though. No "practical exam" for me too soon!