Thursday, January 15, 2009


"Brrrrrrrrrrrrr, it's cold out there.... there must be a Toro in the atmosphere!!!"

Anyone know what movie that line is from?? Mel A., my movie buff probably knows? I know Aunt Sarah knows!! It is really a personal favorite movie!

Today has been just down right freezing!!!! We have been watching our indoor/outdoor thermometer and the high in Avon was 1.6 degrees and the low was -7.8. YIKES!! I don't think I have ever seen -7.8 before??

We had a great night last night. I was a little worried about how it might turn out b/c Sophia was up pretty much from 3:30pm yesterday afternoon until she went to bed after 11pm. She was so cranky and fussy yesterday evening when Aunt Sarah came to visit. Poor Aunt Sarah isn't going to want to come back!! Nevertheless, my child surprised me by sleeping from 11:30pm to 5:30am. It was awesome!! (And no, I didn't wake her up to feed her... she and I both need our sleep, goodness knows I feed her tons throughout the day). I woke up, looked at the clock and thought it was probably 2am.... nope, it was 5:30am. Needless to say, this mama was on milk overload and had to feed my princess right away. She probably would have slept a little more if I didn't fully wake her up.

Daddy has been home with us today. He watched Sophia and kept her busy while this mama hit the gym. It is so good to be back in somewhat of a routine. Especially getting back to the gym makes me feel so much better... kind of like my old self again!

Someone from church made us dinner tonight. We had an awesome beef stew. She also made us homemade truffles -- which were AMAZING!!! It is hard to stop eating them b/c they are soooo good!!!

Tomorrow is supposed to be another cold day! I am hoping to get out again and head to the gym. My only freedom outing!!

Enjoy this picture of Sophia I took tonight after she fell asleep nursing! Isn't she precious?

Allyson and Princess


DEBSIK said...

This is so adorable- it just makes me miss her so much when Im not with her! I could just go through this computer right now to kiss those sweet little cheecks!

Love you Sophie,

Cassie L. said...

I always say that Toro quote from Bring it On to my husband and he teases me about it. Glad you both are doing well!