Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mama is pullin' her weight...

We had our home visit yesterday, a wonderful service for all new mom's that deliver at Methodist Hospital. A RN comes out to your house to check on mom and baby to make sure everything is going ok. Our nurse was our yesterday and Sophia looks wonderful. She is already back up to 7 lbs 4 oz! Her birth weight was 7 lbs 8 oz, but then dropped to 7 lbs 3 oz her second day, then 6 lbs 15 oz the day we left to come home. They usually like to see them back to their birth weight in two weeks. Sophia should be back to hers by her first doctor's appt Monday morning! Guess this mama is pulling her weight and putting out some good milk huh?? She has no jaundice which is a blessing for a breastfed baby!

Nate and I are doing well. We are both actually getting lots more sleep than I ever expected! The past two nights Sophia has done a series of 2-3 cluster feedings b/w 5-9, but rewards mommy and daddy with a long first sleep stretch. Last night she last ate at 9:20pm and didn't wake up till 2:20am to eat again! I fed her at 2:20am, put her right back down and she slept till 5:45am this morning!! I know they say you should wake them up Q 3-4 hours at night if they don't wake up to feed so the milk supply isn't hurt... but she is still getting in her 8-12 feedings/day and has plenty of milk. So this mama thinks a 5 hour stretch is fine! (One of the lactation consultants told me that 1 - 5 hr stretch at night was fine... as long as her day feedings are Q 2-3 hours.

So needless to say, we have been blessed with a wonderful child in many ways, sleep being just one of them!! Hope she keeps this up and she will have VERY happy parents!!

We both have really enjoyed getting to know her. She loves to be in daddy's arms on her back looking up at the bright kitchen "can" lights in the ceiling. She loves having daddy time in the morning after her 5-6 am feeding. She really likes laying on her side with mommy and daddy right there on the ground with her, patting her back!!

This next picture below will melt your heart... this is after a feeding while mommy's is in the kitchen getting some grub! Can you see the cute little red spot on her chin? She has a little facial irritation after going to town eating each time...

Much love from Sophia and Mommy Al

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