Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Big Move...

Wow, two posts in two days!! You must be proud!!

Well, last night we made the big move... Sophia slept the full night in her crib. She has been so loud at night that Nate is having a hard time getting sleep on work nights... I nursed her in our bedroom and decided to put her in her own room/crib last night. She did awesome. I think she likes her crib better than the bassinet b/c it is more comfortable.

I didn't do so bad myself. I kept putting this MOVE off for a long time b/c I was nervous and liked to have her with me so I can sneak a "peak" to make sure she is still breathing (the common worry of all 1st moms).

Guess I better prepare myself for a little more "walking" at night b/w rooms!!

Allyson and Sophia

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Erin A. said...

Way to go Mom! I'm sure Daddy is very thankful for the move. :) One of the couples at our church swear that the sooner you put a baby in their own crib/room the quicker/better their sleeping habits develop. Their most recent addition (Sadie Grace born 1/19) was put in her crib the first night home. At least you know you'll be getting some exercise at night even if you are too busy during the day. :)