Monday, November 17, 2008

Thoughts and Reflections

First things first, I must apologize for my lack of posts lately. I have already been called out by a few people (right LM?). The month of November has been and still is jam packed for Nate and I. I think we have at least 3-4 events/commitments per week for the whole month!! But enough excuses – how about a heart felt post?? I have been feeling a little more sentimental lately so I thought I would share about everything that has been going on recently…(I have included lots of links to see decorations/products/etc that I have discussed in the post.)

Over the past few weeks, I have been contemplating using cloth diapers. Before you keep reading – I know what you are probably thinking… “Cloth Diapers… are you trying to kill yourself? You will be doing laundry every day!” Well, one of the ladies from church cloth diapers her child and loves it. Since I have started looking into, I have found quite a few people that do it and absolutely love it! I went over to see my friend from church “in action” and fell in love with the idea. (I know – how can a person fall in love with the idea of cloth diapering?) I started researching and pursuing information on cloth diapering for our princess peanut. There are so many new options – it isn’t anything close to what it used to be back in the days when we were in cloth diapers!! Plus, I will have enough diapers that I only have to do a diaper load every 3-4 days!! How about that??? The most remarkable improvement is the BumGenius Diaper! Check it out! Great for overnight!

Last Wednesday we had (Company based out of Fishers, IN) come out and do an In-Home demo and show us all the options for cloth diapering!! It is amazing!! They make it very similar to disposable diapers!!! After the demo, my research, and seeing it in action, we are going full speed ahead and going to cloth diaper our princess. Not only will we save the environment, but we will save TONS of money!! I will keep you all posted on the progress. We probably will use disposables for the first few weeks until we can get into a rhythm, and then we will start our cloth diapers!! If you have questions, feel free to email me (

Friday, I had another meet and greet with a pediatrician and fell in love with her!! It is such a burden off my shoulder’s to have this checked off my mommy-to-be-to-do list!!!

I was also able to finish most of the nursery on Friday. We have the valences up and ironed, the wall hangings are actually hanging on the wall, the lamp has a shade, the chair is done, the bookshelf is organized, and the changer/dresser is getting stocked with Peanut’s goodies!

Saturday, my fabulous sister Sarah and my dear friend Apryl threw me a WONDERFUL baby shower! It was such a wonderful experience!!! Words cannot even begin to express my gratitude for EVERYTHING and EVERYONE! I am so humbled by people’s generosity and kindness! I am so thankful for everyone that took the time out of their busy weekend to come and celebrate Peanut’s arrival!! Many people drove from far away – I was just so humbled!!! Princess Peanut received so many nice gifts!!! She has already been spoiled and she isn’t even here yet!!! We had the most amazing cake from A Little Bite Of Heaven in Avon!!! It was a white cake with real raspberry filling!!! Talk about rocking my world –WOW – Peanut even asked for a 2nd piece (ok, well, maybe it was me)! Westside locals, you should check it out!!

Sunday I put away most of Peanut’s clothes, toys, books, etc. I was so excited b/c I found my new baby-friendly detergent and washed her mattress pad, crib sheet, and changing table cover!! I finally was able to make her bed! J Now, we just have to wait 4-5 weeks for her to sleep in it!

This week we have our Newborn basics class on Tuesday night at Methodist Hospital. Thursday night we are going to see The Lion King at the Murat. I am so excited for Nate to see this!! I saw it in Chicago with Leslie and we both loved it!! I said I always wanted to see it again if it came to Indy!! Saturday we have our childbirth class all day at Methodist from 9-5pm. See, I told you – busy weeks!!

(Before you read this next section – you might want to sit down. Well, I guess you probably already are sitting down b/c why would you be checking the internet standing up?? But anywho…)

On a more sentimental note, I have actually begun to enjoy being pregnant!! (Now maybe b/c I only have 4-6 more weeks left and not 30 weeks, and the end is in sight, but nevertheless, at least it happened!) I know – this may come to a HUGE SHOCK to many of you reading!!! I really love feeling Peanut move all the time!! She is one busy-body that is for sure!! (I know that she probably will be outside of the womb too!) I continue to feel more and more connected with her and am excited for her to come out and meet her parents!!! I still have fearful thoughts in the back of my head, but I have just got to trust God that everything will work out in the end. This whole pregnancy has been a real test on my faith and I am constantly being reminded of God’s goodness, protection, and sovereignty!

Physically, I have actually been feeling pretty good! I have quite a bit of energy (relatively speaking) since I got started on my extra iron supplement and it has had time to raise my HgB! I didn’t realize how bad I was feeling before – now I have energy to kick butt at the gym!! Do I hear more planks?? J (Right sissy?)

So that is what has been happening in our lives!!! Thanks to all you dedicated blog readers!! It has been so encouraging to get feedback and encouraging comments!!

Stay tuned later this week for Week 34 updates. I do have to admit, the closer we get to 38-40 weeks, the weekly email updates are getting really lame-O! I think they are running out of things to say…basically it seems that all Peanut is doing is packing on the fat and finishing her final roasting before the timer goes off!!

Allyson and Princess Peanut

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