Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another week closer…

Week 34

This week in the news….

- Peanut should weight close to 5 lbs (I am anxious to know what our big peanut weighs in reality!) 5 lbs is about the size of a bag of sugar!! WOW!
- She should be about 18 inches long!! The emails tell me she is about the size of an American Girl Doll (see pic at left)!! Yikes!! That seems HUGE!! And I am carrying all of that around in my midsection?? (Good thing not in my butt huh?) It is just so amazing to me to think about her being that long since she is all curled up in a little ball inside of me!!
- Her fat layers are filling out!! She needs to be able to better regulate her body temperature when she comes out into the real world!!
- Her skin is getting smoother than ever! Gotta love a soft baby’s butt!
- Her central nervous system continues to mature.
- Her immune system is starting to develop and mature so she doesn’t have to rely solely on my antibodies through the placenta!
- Her lungs continue to mature as well! (Good thing!) Only 3 more weeks until her surfactant comes in!!
- She is continuing to lose small amounts of her vernix, or the white cream cheese layer protecting her body. Last night at class, the instructor said this was the best natural baby lotion ever!! When she comes out (depending on if she is early or late), she will have more or less of it. She said that it kind of absorbs in the skin when she is born if you don’t wipe it off!! Interesting fact huh?
- Her lanugo (soft animal fur for the womb) is almost completely gone!

Interesting fact from our Newborn Basics class: When a baby is in the womb, the noise he/she hears is about the same level/frequency as a vacuum cleaner running at all times. Wow, that is sooooo loud!! It is a wonder their ears aren’t blown out by the time they come out to see mommy and daddy! Our teacher told us this is why a lot of times the “white” noise helps calm a newborn down!!

Well, I tried to make a boring weekly email somewhat entertaining!! I imagine we will have more stories after our 8 hour childbirth class on Saturday. Peanut, Nate, and I are also going to see The Lion King on Thursday night at the Murat!! We are soooooo excited about this date night out!!! Good thing they didn’t charge me for an extra seat b/c that would have been pretty costly!!!

Allyson and Peanut

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Steuer Family said...

You will both LOVE the Lion King. Matt and I saw it when it was in Indy the last time around. I think I may have been pregnant with Jackson when we went. Enjoy it! Glad you are enjoying the pregnancy. I swear you will miss it in a weird way when it is over!