Friday, November 28, 2008

Busy little bee...

Having 4 days off in a row makes this mama-to-be write "To-Do" lists!! This really feeds at my Type A personality too!! Here is a shorted version of this weekend's to-do list...

- Create and type up the "items to pack" for the hospital bag -- CHECK
- Create and type up the "foods to bring to supply Nate nourishment in the hospital" -- CHECK
- Type up the Birth Plan for the hospital nurses -- CHECK
- Wash, dry, and fold Sophia's infant cloth diapers 3-4x to get them ready for use -- CHECK
- Do 4 loads of laundry from the week -- CHECK
- Put together the stroller -- CHECK (see picture below)
- Read through the instructions for the car seat -- CHECK
- Schedule appt to have the Fire Department do a "Car Seat Safety Check" -- CHECK
- Eat lots of Turkey -- CHECK
- Hit the gym each day -- CHECK (thus far)
- Catch up on emails and finally post blog entries! -- CHECK
- Pack the hospital bag -- NEEDS TO BE DONE
- Wash Sophia's "Going Home Outfit" -- NEEDS TO BE DONE

See, this mama has been busy!!!

Time to get back to work... I am a task-master-baby!!

Allyson and Peanut


Erin A. said...

Wow! I'm impressed! Hope you're taking some time to rest and relax too! PS-I'm thankful for your friendship and prayers. :)

Anonymous said...

So her name is Sophia? I'm so used to "Peanut" that seeing Sophia threw me off! Good name! What's her middle name going to be? I also like her stoller. That's the kind I want when we have a baby (many moons from now)! They're so much easier to push than regular strollers. Talk to you later!---ERZ

Katie! said...

That's the stroller/carseat system that we have too. We have been very pleased with it, with the relatively minor complaint that the carrier seat is really heavy by itself. Even adding 7 or 8 pounds makes it tough to haul around. Now that my Turnip is almost 13 pounds (!) I get quite the workout anytime we go anywhere!

Thinking of you lots these last few weeks! Keep writing!

erin p. said...

I only have one comment, silly! Instead of coming up with and TYPING the list for the hospital bag, why didn't you just DO it? I noticed it still needs to be done...
How 'bout an update on what it feels like to be 36 weeks :)