Thursday, November 20, 2008

Butler Basketball ….

Butler Basketball ….

It is that time of year again!!! Time to get roped into good ‘ole BU basketball!! Can I tell you how excited I am? I just love those boys!!! It is so good to see columns in the IndyStar from David Woods, our faithful Bulldog follower! Check out the latest article with the link below!

Watching Butler Basketball creates a fuzzy, warm sensation in your heart! It symbolizes teamwork, selflessness, humility, intelligent ball playing, and on and on and on…. To watch a game in Hinkle Fieldhouse is so energizing! The crowd is always very loud, the Fieldhouse sounds amazing, the chants are boisterous, the victory is OH so sweet!! There is nothing better than being in the Fieldhouse for 2 ½ hours sweating to death, then walking outside to your car and feeling the nice cold breeze on your face!! You can’t help but talk all about the game on the way home!!

For those of you who have never been to a Butler Basketball game, you are missing out!! You need to go to at least one game!!! Feel the energy that Butler Basketball provides!!! Also, it won’t cost you a whole week’s salary b/c they make the game prices very affordable and family friendly!!

So, here is a shout out to dear ‘ole Butler my alma mater….


PS> Know that Peanut WILL have a Butler Cheerleading Outfit to wear for next season!!! (She will probably be a little too young this year to make it to a game!)

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Steffany said...

Can't wait to see her in a cheerleading outfit! Go Dawgs!!