Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Jicama-mama or Jicama-baby

Week 32
This week in the news…
-Starting next week, we have to go to the doctor every two weeks, then weekly starting at week 35/36.

-Peanut is growing fast!!! She'll gain a third to half of her birth weight during the next 6-7 weeks as she fattens up for survival outside the womb.

-They called her a “jicama” (hee-kah-mah) this week! Are you kidding me? I have never in my LIFE heard of this. I had to look it up and thought I would post what I found since most normal poeple probably don't know what this is.... A jicama (aka Mexican Potato and Mexican Turnip),is a crispy, sweet, edible root that resembles a turnip in physical appearance, although the plants are not related. Jicama has been cultivated in South America for centuries, and the vegetable is quite popular in Mexican cuisine. Jicama has a unique flavor that lends itself well to salads, salsas, and vegetable platters. The roots can sometimes grow to be quite large, although when they exceed the size of two fists, they begin to convert the sugars that give jicama its sweet flavor into starches, making the root somewhat woody to the taste. Jicama is actually a legume, and it grows on vines that may reach 20 feet (six meters) in length. The vines tend to hug the ground, terminating in tubers that may grow up to 50 pounds (22 kilograms) in size, although the majority of jicama roots sent to market are approximately three to four pounds (1.3-2 kilograms) in weight. Before eating, the coarse brown outer layer of the jicama should be peeled to reveal the white inside.
Bottom line -- my question is do we have a Jicama-mama or a Jicama-baby -- b/c these days I sure feel like a Jicama-mama!!!

-She should be about 16.7-17 inches long!! Hope we get a long, skinny one!!! She will look just like her daddy!! (For some odd reason a long, skinny baby seems like it would cause a LOT less pain during the delivery process!)

-She has toenails, fingernails, and real hair! (Well, we will see about the hair!! She will most likely be bald like her mother was for YEARS!) The email tells me that I shouldn’t worry about the hair b/c they have baby Toupee’s! Give me a break! How lame is that!!!
-Her skin is becoming soft and smooth as she plumps up in preparation for birth – hopefully in 6 weeks!
-She is busy blinking, looking around, grabbing things (that maybe she shouldn’t!), making faces, practicing breathing, peeing, and listening to everything around her! I think this line is HILARIOUS – b/c how do they know what she is up to in there??? Do they have a secret camera set up in someone’s stomach??? I still find it VERY odd they look around and have their eyes opened!!! Kind of freaks me out!!!

Well, that is all from us!
Allyson and Princess Peanut (aka Jicama-baby)


Erin A. said...

Jicama is also very popular in the Philippines (we heard it pronounced both hi-kuh-ma and ji-kuh-ma). You might try cutting one up into sticks for your next vegetable tray, they're not bad. I've bought one at Meijer before.

erin p. said...

You silly girl - didn't your mom teach you it's the size of the head that matters during delivery? Doesn't matter how slim or chunky the body is, it just kind of...follows! (Plus, even if I'm wrong - quit kidding yourself. Didn't you say Baby's belly measures weeks ahead??) :)