Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rowboat Card Game Review

We love getting together with friends and playing card games such as Euchre or Rook.  When we heard about the new card game Rowboat, we were very interested to try it out with our “game night” buddies!  According to the buzz surrounding it, Rowboat is a new innovative card game with a classic feel.  The back of the box best summarizes it: “Play Rowboat – the bidding, trick-taking game where trump changes at every turn.”

There are 5 basic steps to Rowboat:

1. The Tide: innovative part of the game.  You deal the cards face up until all 4 suits are showing. (see picture below).  The Tide can have as few as 4 cards or as many as 10 cards in a 4-person game.  The Tide makes the hand size change every round and the trump change for each trick.  The Tide really makes the game interesting and elevates it above other trick taking games of this type.  Since the number of cards in play is always changing, it makes game play possibilities virtually endless.

2. The Deal: Deal each player the same number of cards that are in the Tide.

3. The Bid: Predict how many rounds you will win!

4. Let’s Play!  Navigate your way through the Tide with the cards in your hand.

5. Scoring: Make your bid and score points.  Fall short and lose points.

Check out this short “how to play Rowboat” video!

Our Review:

We fell in love with this ocean-themed game as a 2-player option for evenings after Sophia has gone to bed.  Allyson and I are always looking for fun things to create memorable experiences.  As we mentioned above, the game changes with each hand dealt, thus generating anticipation and excitement!

None of the 2-player tricking taking game variations we have played were very satisfying, but Rowboat is different.   The game mechanics help make a 2 player game an enjoyable experience.  Lately, Rowboat has taken the place of Cribbage as the card game of choice between my wife and I.

Last night we were excited to present our new game to our friends at “Game Night!”  We were personally excited to try out the 4-player version.  It only took about 10 minutes or so to explain and the first round of cards were dealt!  Our friends love playing Euchre and Rook with us, so we expected them to really enjoyed playing Rowboat!  THEY DID!!

Click picture to enlarge to see example of play

Allyson and I learned with 4-player Rowboat, bidding becomes much more challenging as you play partners and are often bidding on the same trick.  I might have the highest card, while Allyson has the second highest card, both assuming we would win the trick!  It took a few rounds to readjust our bidding technique from 2-player Rowboat in order that we didn’t over estimate the number of tricks we bid.  Each team is responsible to collect the sum of their individual bids.  For example, I bid 2 tricks + Allyson bids 3 tricks = as a team we must get a total of 5 tricks (in any combination).  

Rowboat includes three specialty cards, which create a fun addition.  Each of the cards has a different power, but can only be used once during the course of the entire game.  You have to choose wisely when you decide to use them!

Overall, we really enjoyed this game and so did our friends.  It would be an excellent addition to your game collection and would make an AWESOME Christmas stocking stuffer!!  If you like Euchre and/or Rook, you will LOVE this game!!!

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