Monday, August 8, 2011

Explaining weekly OB apts to a 2 1/2 year old ....

Sophia is very well-behaved at the doctors office and is always a trooper in the midst of LONG wait times, but the poor girl just dreads the doptone (to listen to the heartbeat).  It must be something about the crackly, static noise that scares her.  I always try to tell Sophia our day's schedule in the morning so she knows how things will go.  We find this really helps with obedience because she knows what is coming next.  Her steel-trap mind doesn't forget what is promised either!  HA!

Here is the conversation from this morning ...

Me: Sophia, we are going to go to the gym and then to mommy's doctor to make sure the baby is doing OK!

Sophia: I don't want to go to listen to the baby mommy.  It's scary!

Me: I know sweetheart, but we have to go b/c that is what the doctor said.  We actually have to start going each week now until the baby comes out.

Sophia: Why mommy?

Me: Each time we go, she can tell us if the baby is ready to come out or not.

Sophia: Mommy, the doctor doesn't need to tell us that ... the baby is already in your tummy.  She doesn't need to do anything for you.

Me: Sweetheart, I know the baby is in my tummy, but it can't stay in there forever or mommy's tummy will get huge!  Remember how Miss Libby's baby Adele was in her tummy and then one day we went to go meet her at her house?

Sophia: I like Adele mommy!  I want a baby sister like Maeve does.

Me: So we need to go to the doctor and see when our baby is going to come out.

Sophia: The doctor don't need to help you, I will help you get the baby out.  I will say, "Come out baby and we can play with my Dora house.  The baby likes Dora, Diego, Boots, and Tico mama!  You can help too mommy but the doctor need not help me.  I do it myself.   I am going to be a good big sister!"

Me: Ok sweetheart, we will see about that.  Are you going to catch the baby when she/he comes out?

Sophia:  Yes mommy, I catch like I catch the ball.

Me: (Laugh out loud) ... Ok Sophia, let's get to the gym!

Just precious ... makes my heart melt!!

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Kelly said...

Too cute! My kids both still think you listen to your heartbeat through your tummy since that's what they always saw when they came w/ me to the OB. :)