Friday, August 19, 2011

4 Giveaways on the BLOG right now ... have you entered?

Greetings to my awesome Go Long! Go Green! readers!

We currently have 4 review/giveaways up on the blog right now!  Each have LOW entries thus far = a great chance to win!

Take a few minutes and enter!! :)

TUB Plug (deep water baths!)  - 4 winners!!!!!!!
Rowboat Card Game (Similar game to Euchre or Rook!)  - 1 winner
Re-Pac Bags -- Reusable Sandwich bags (Awesome for your lunch or other items!) - 1 winner
Hike Card Game (similar game to UNO but WAY better!) - 1 winner

If you have any suggestions for companies to contact for any future reviews/giveaways, please leave a comment!!  

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