Thursday, August 18, 2011

HIKE Card Game Review and Giveaway

After looking at the cover of this card game box, are you in the mood to go on a HIKE next to a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains? 

HIKE is a fun, new card game where nature springs surprises and players battle for survival! Get ready to go for a trek, get Lost on a Trail, ride out Avalanches, and always remember to watch out for…Poop. No Littering Allowed!

Hike’s compact size and quick (yet satisfying) gameplay make it perfect for any social setting. You can easily bring it along while enjoying the great outdoors or during a fun ol’ game night!

Hike’s intuitive design makes it easy for kids to pick up, so they’ll be able to join in on the family fun! Parents will quickly see how gameplay encourages cognitive learning and teaches children about nature.

Object of the Game: Get rid of your cards, outlast your opponents, and score points!

Five Easy Steps of Play:

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Each game takes 30 minutes or less, which is great for a social setting!  You can play with 3-8 players!  We have played with both 4 and 5 players and enjoyed each of the games!

A Closer Look at the Cards: 

The pictures and colors are so vivid!

Our Review:

As many of you know, Nate and I LOVE to spend time outside: camping, biking, hiking, running, and just enjoying nature!  We fell in love with the game the minute we opened it!  We were quite impressed with the strong-themed outdoors card.  The pictures and colors were very vivid!  Each of the couples we have introduced the game have been excited to play it from the start just from the look of the fun cards!  Sometimes you can judge a book card game by its cover card face! 

HIKE shares some of the same concepts as UNO, but is MUCH more enjoyable to play.  There are 7 suited cards (Birds, Bugs, Lakes, Lights, Peaks, Trails, and Trees).  The deck also contains 10 specialty cards.  Each specialty card has unique actions associated with it and really enhance game play.   One of our favorite specialty cards is the Earthquake, which when played, makes all the players turn in their cards, all cards are shuffled together, and re-dealt to all the players.   You may have great cards until the Earthquake hits, then you might get stuck with the Poop card or the No Littering Allowed card (which cannot be played)! 

We feel this a great FAMILY game!  It is really easy to explain to new players and people catch on rather quickly!   It takes less than 5 minutes to explain how to play!  We even found that people who didn't like to play (or know how to play) games or cards, enjoyed this game, mostly due to the strong-fun theme!  It is also a great social game for a larger group of people (up to 8 can play).  Unlike some games, HIKE is a very concise game and it doesn't go on and on!

HIKE is one of our new favorite go-to card games to introduce to friends and family during game nights!!  We have not found 1 person that doesn't have a blast playing it!

It would make a great stocking stuffer at Christmas or an add-on gift to a friend or family member.

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WIN IT:  Moosetache Games has offered up 1 copy of the game HIKE to ONE VERY LUCKY Go Long! Go Green!  Reader!

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Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not monetarily compensated for this review.

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