Monday, August 29, 2011

Final Week Snuggles ...

Last night I was sitting on the couch reading Sophia some princess books, when she decided to put her arm around me.  I usually sit with my arm around her, so this was extra special to me!!  (Especially the fact she actually smiled pretty for the picture and we could capture this sweet memory!)

Sophia with her arm behind my back while I read her story books!

Nate, Sophia, and I have shared really special times together this past month while we are on Baby Long #2 watch.  I feel like I have checked everything off my "to-do" list with her and am just soaking up all the daily individual time together!  She is getting really excited about her baby "sister" although each time I tell her it could be a baby brother too -- we don't know.  She says, "no mommy, only baby sisters grow in there (pointing to my belly)." I can just see it now ... we end up having a boy and her first question is this ..."Where is my baby sister?"

We are so excited to meet you Baby Long #2!  We can't wait to see how you will enjoy this awesome family of ours!!!  You have the best daddy in the world and the best big sister any sibling could ever ask for!!

Come quickly .... please ... don't make me have to force you out ... I beg you ... please, please, please come on your own (ok, also when our Dr is on call too!)!!!

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