Friday, January 8, 2010

When I grow up I want to become ....

... an OB/GYN.

Today I was cleaning out my file cabinet and came across many papers/honors/awards from my past. I found a copy of a "dream" resume I imagine was a high school writing assignment.

Under the education column I wrote:

College: Indiana University, Indianapolis, In 1998-2002; Indiana University Medical School, 2002-2006, OB/GYN Residency Program, Methodist Hospital of Indiana, 2006-2010.

Job Experience: Emergency Room Technician 1995-1998, OB/GYN Extern 2005-2006.

Wow, isn't that crazy? To think if I would have stuck to my original plan I would have been finishing up my residency THIS year and would be a full-fledged OB/GYN. However, my only experience with this profession include popping a baby out! Oh yeah and the lovely annual exams! Ha!

It is amazing for me to reflect upon these past few years and know I am exactly where I should be in life. God had other plans for me ... Butler University instead of Indiana University. Pharmacy school instead of medical school. 6 years instead of 12. Staying at home and working supplemental with an excellent schedule. A wonderful husband and beautiful daughter! PRICELESS!!! I am glad His plan is always better than mine!

Nevertheless, it still was fun dreaming all those years ago!! Those dreams created the drive to get me going somewhere!


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Whitney and Jake said...

That is a very detailed plan for a high schooler - you've always been on top of things! ;-)