Monday, January 4, 2010

Holiday Recap!

We are such a blessed family! 2009 brought hardship for many people, but we were experiencing life to the fullest with a new one!! Yes we had periods of stress and fatigue, but many more of joy, bliss, and gratitude!! Thanks for embarking on our journey alongside of us! We pray 2010 will be as wonderful as 2009!!

And now for the holiday recap:

Christmas Day was pretty uneventful. (Since my mom had to work Christmas Day night, we decided to have the Kiesel Christmas celebration on Saturday.) Thus Nate, Sophia, and I stayed in our PJ's all day long on Christmas Day!! It was so wonderful!! We sang songs, played with toys, ate yummy gingerbread cookies, and napped! Nate and I also celebrated Christmas Day by rearranging our bedroom! We LOVE it!! Don't you just love rearranging rooms in your house? I makes you feel like you have a brand new house!!

Saturday after our Christmas Brunch with friends, we headed down to Greenwood for the Kiesel Family Christmas. Sophia really enjoyed opening her gifts from Grammie, Grampie, Aunt Sarah, and Uncle Brandon. She received many wonderful things! My mom found a glo-worm and she just loves it!! I remember having one when I was a child!! She calls it her "baby!" She also loves talking on her old-school Fisher Price telephone!! She is getting really good at making phone calls -- I should probably be worried! Ha!

"Hello, Santa .... Thanks for stopping my grammie and grampies, however, you must have missed mom and dad's house! Maybe next year?"

Walking behind my new push toy from Grammie and Grampie K!

The week b/w Christmas and New Years was wonderful!! Nate was home all week and we had great time together as a family. I worked two days at Meijer and Sophia even got to have a sleep over at Grammie and Grampie K's house! Nate and I took advantage of our kid-free night and went downtown. We did some shopping at Circle Centre and made it for the 9pm 3D showing of Christmas Carol at the IMAX! It was an awesome movie -- you should totally check it out -- but in 3D!

Tuesday was Sophia's actual first birthday! She had a great time at mom and dad's house! Nate tucked her in since I had to work that night! It was kind of sad not seeing her on her actual birthday, but we made up for it Wed by exchanging lots of hugs and kisses!

Thursday morning we got up early and headed north to Michigan to Nate's sister's house. The weather wasn't too bad -- you never know what you are going to get when you cross the MI border. It usually isn't sun that is for sure!! :) Ha!!

Thursday we celebrated Christmas with the Martoia's (Nate's sister Naomi, husband Mike, kids Tyler and Lexi), Rhoda (Nate's middle sister), and Nate's parents (Delores and Whitney). We had a great time!! Sophia loves her little puzzle and purse!! Of course the favorite thing in her purse is the money! YIKES!! Gotta start training now huh?

Sophia was in bed by 7:30pm New Year's Eve, but Nate and I managed to stay up with the family till the ball dropped! First time in a few years!! We had a great time playing dominoes as a family! Tyler kicked all of our butts! :) After some tasty bubbly, we headed to bed!!

Friday morning most of the fam headed to downtown Lake Orion for a New Years Resolution 5K run. I saw the thermometer that morning and passed! (It was 23 degrees!) Lexi and I stayed home and played with Sophia!! Nate and Tyler both ran the 5K and got great times despite the frigid weather!

Lexi loved feeding Sophia each meal! She did a great job too!

"I sure love when cousin Lexi feeds me my breakfast! YUM!"

"Wearing Lexi's new headband! Do I look like I am ready for Richard Simmon's Sweatin' to the Oldies workout VHS?"

While we were in MI, Sophia developed a strong bond with Tyler. If Tyler was in the room, Sophia had to be in his arms or next to him. She didn't want anyone but Tyler. It was hilarious. He would just look at her and she would cheese up and smile so big!! He would talk to her and it was almost like she was flirting with him!! Oh no, she is already looking at boys!! The picture below captured 1 of Tyler's 100+ hugs from Sophia!!

"Me and my buddy Tyler!"

Friday we celebrated Sophia's birthday with a little family birthday party!! She opened her gifts and had a blast!

"Look at me, I can unwrap my birthday present all by my big self!!"

"Strike a pose -- Modeling my new hat from Aunt Rhoda (mommy LOVES it!)"

"Not so sure what I think of this fairy dress up outfit, but I sure love my other new hat (and Tyler too)! Thanks Rhoda Joy!"

"Crackin' up while people sing to me "Happy Birthday!"

Here is a video of the Long's and Martoia's singing Happy Birthday to me!! I am just eatin' this up!! (PS> I was really bummed when mom didn't give me any of my birthday carrot cake! She told me ice cream and carrot cake are only for "big" people! She told me I could have her homemade pumpkin spice cake for my birthday party! Knowing that, I really enjoyed my mango's instead!)

We had a wonderful holiday season, but it is always fun to start a new year! All the new chances, new possibilities, new starts .... NEW EVERYTHING!!

Looking forward to sharing 2010 with all of you!!

Be Blessed!

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Erin P said...

funny - Laurel got a glowworm and purse for Christmas too! Is the purse pink and plays music?