Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Giving of myself ...

Medical mission work has always been of interest to me. I love serving those around me, while utilizing the skills I learned in pharmacy school. 2004 - 2006, I joined a medical team to travel to El Salvador. Those 3 years were extremely meaningful and provided me with an immense amount of memories that I will never forget. Unfortunately, it hasn't worked out to go back to El Salvador and that deeply saddens my heart! I long to serve those beautiful people!

Since I made the decision to "stay home" (primarily) with Sophia, I have prayed about opportunities to serve as well as stay connected to the medical community. I love adult interaction! This past month a professor of mine from Butler contacted me about an opportunity in my own community. Needless to say I was thrilled when I received the information! Last night was my first night to volunteer at the Kingsway Community Care Center in Avon. What a great night!! KCCC was founded in 2005 and continues to serve the uninsured of Hendricks County. There are dental and medicals services provided at a minimal charge. Appointments generally are from 6-9pm during the week (although not daily).

The KCCC also shares space with the newly opened Life Center. What a wonderful place to serve those in my community as well as the Lord! You just get this "feeling" deep down when you serve that cannot be replicated by any other action in life and it is amazing!!

You might be thinking, what exactly would I do? I would serve as the pharmacist for the evening. The nurse would bring a patient back to the triage area, perform vitals, compose a med list, and discuss current problems/issues. She/he would take the patient back into a room. The doctor would see the patient and discuss all pertinent issues. When the physican was done with the patient, he would give me the chart notes as well as the scripts, and I would counsel the patient on all medications. Also, if needed, I would discuss healthy eating habits, exercise, diet plans, cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. The patient would then have extra time to ask additional questions they might have. They check-out and are on they merry way. KCCC has a wonderful multi-disciplinary approach to care which totally ROCKS and is very effective.

KCCC is always in need of volunteers!! They need medical and lay persons (work check-in, etc). If this is of any interest to any of my readers, please leave me a comment or send me an email. I would love to touch base with you and tell you more details!!

Praising God for answering my prayers,

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