Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Please PRAY!

My heart is very excited, yet very anxious today ... Our friends from church were selected in early January by a birth mother to be adoptive parents. The birth mother gave birth this morning to a baby girl. Our friends are up north at the hospital and (as of 9:30am this morning) are still waiting to see and hold their new daughter. I can't imagine the stress, worry, excitement, joy, and any other emotion you could think of they must be feeling right now! I am calling on all my faithful readers to PRAY for Jon and Mel and baby Jolie Cate.

1. Please pray that the birth mother would hold to her word and continue through with the adoption process.
2. Please pray for Jon and Mel that they would have peace throughout the next 24 hours, as they are the most crucial!
3. Please pray for the birth mother that she would have peace in her decision and be excited about the MOST WONDERFUL life Jolie Cate will have as an "Arvin."
4. Please pray for Jolie that she would continue to be healthy and happy!
5. I know there are many more things to pray about, but bottom line, please PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!! I know they all covet your prayers!!

For updates, please see their blog.

Anxious (but excited) Allyson

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